Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism

Studies in Honor of Alexander Golitzin


The essays collected in Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism intend to honor Alexander Golitzin, a scholar known for his keen attention to the Jewish matrix of Eastern Orthodox spirituality. Following Golitzin's insights, this Festschrift explores influences of Jewish apocalypticism and mysticism on certain early and late Christian authors, including Irenaeus, Origen, Evagrius of Pontus, Pseudo-Dionysius, and Symeon the New Theologian. Special attention is given to Jewish theophanic traditions regarding the beatific vision of the divine Glory (Kavod), which profoundly shaped Eastern Christian theology and liturgy. This volume demonstrates that recent developments in the study of apocalyptic literature, the Qumran Scrolls, Gnosticism, and later Jewish mysticism throw new and welcome light on the sources and continuities of Orthodox theology, liturgy, and spirituality

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Andrei A. Orlov is Professor of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity at Marquette University, USA. He has written extensively on Jewish apocalypticism and early Jewish mysticism, including The Enoch-Metatron Tradition (Mohr Siebeck, 2005), Heavenly Priesthood in the Apocalypse of Abraham (Cambridge University Press, 2013), and The Glory of the Invisible God: Two Powers in Heaven Traditions and Early Christology (Bloomsbury, 2019).
Notes on Contributors
Bibliography of the Works of Alexander Golitzin
Compiled by Bogdan G. Bucur

Andrei A. Orlov

Part 1 Jewish and Christian Apocalypticism and Mysticism

1 Traumatic Mysteries: Pathways of Mysticism among the Early Christians
April D. DeConick

2 The Importance of the Parables of 1 Enoch for Understanding the Son of Man in the Four Gospels
Charles Gieschen

3 Driven Away with a Stick: the Femininity of the Godhead in y. Ber. 9:1, 12d, the Emergence of Rabbinic Modalist Orthodoxy, and the Christian Binitarian Complex
Silviu N. Bunta

4 The Nativity of Ben Sira Reconsidered
James R. Russell

Part 2 Theophany and Transformation

5 Historical Memory and the Eschatological Vision of God’s Glory in Irenaeus
Khaled Anatolios

6 Flesh Invested with the Paternal Light: St Irenaeus on the Transfiguration of the Body
John Behr

7 Flesh and Fire: Incarnation and Deification in Origen of Alexandria
Charles M. Stang

8 St John Chrysostom in the West
Marcus Plested

9 Divine Light and Salvific Illumination in St. Symeon the New Theologian’s Hymns of Divine Eros
John A. McGuckin

Part 3 Jewish Temple and Christian Liturgy

10 Leviathan’s Knot: the High Priest’s Sash as a Cosmological Symbol
Andrei A. Orlov

11 Moses as the First Priest-Gnostikos in the Works of Evagrius of Pontus
Robin Darling Young

12 Holy Sound: Preaching as Divine Song in Late Antique Syriac Tradition
Susan Ashbrook Harvey

13 The Lord Himself, One Lord, One Power: Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Isaiah 63:9 and Daniel 7:13
Bogdan G. Bucur

Part 4 Pseudo-Dionysius, Plato, and Proclus

14 Revisiting the Christian Platonism of Pseudo-Dionysius
István Perczel

15 Individual and Liturgical Piety in Dionysius the Areopagite
Andrew Louth

16 Ps.-Dionysius on the Dormition of the Virgin Mary: the Armenian Letter of Dionysius to Titus
Stephen J. Shoemaker

17 The “Platonic” Character of Gregory of Nyssa’s Psychology: the Old Canon
Michel René Barnes

18 Charioteer and Helmsman: Some Distant Echoes of Plato’s Phaedrus in Syriac Literature
Sebastian Brock

This book will be of interest to scholars of early Judaism and early Christianity, Jewish and Christian mysticism, patristics and liturgy.
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