Modern Architecture, Empire, and Race in Fascist Italy


In Modern Architecture, Empire, and Race in Fascist Italy, Brian L. McLaren examines the architecture of the late-Fascist era in relation to the various racial constructs that emerged following the occupation of Ethiopia in 1936 and intensified during the wartime. This study is conducted through a wide-ranging investigation of two highly significant state-sponsored exhibitions, the 1942 Esposizione Universale di Roma and 1940 Mostra Triennale delle Terre Italiane d'Oltremare. These exhibitions and other related imperial displays are examined over an extended span of time to better understand how architecture, art, and urban space, the politics and culture that encompassed them, the processes that formed them, and the society that experienced them, were racialized in varying and complex ways.

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Brian L. McLaren, Ph.D. (MIT, 2001), is Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Washington. He has published books, book chapters, and essays on the relationship between architecture and politics in Italy and its colonies during the Fascist era.
List of Illustrations

 1 Imperial Ambitions
 2 Racial Discontents
 3 Foundational Arguments
 4 Sources and Theoretical Premises
 5 Organization and Content

Modern Urbanism and the Territorialization of Race
 1 Introduction
 2 Rural Urbanism, Colonial Urbanism

1 An Olympics of Civilization
 1 Foundational Acts
 2 The 1937 Master Plan
 3 The 1937 Program

2 Commercial Networks and Colonial Geographies
 1 Foundational Myths
 2 Organizational Logic
 3 The 1938 Master Plan

3 Urban Planning and Racial Politics
 1 Addis Ababa, 1938
 2 Esposizione Universale di Roma, 1938
 3 Mostra d’Oltremare, 1939

Modern Architecture and Racial Eugenics
 1 Introduction
 2 Art and Race
 3 Architecture and Race

4 An Architecture of Racial Purification
 1 First Public Competitions
 2 Piazza ed Edifici delle Forze Armate

5 An Architecture of Racial Prestige
 1 Public Competitions
 2 Three Sectors: Mapping Race
 3 The Padiglione della Libia: Staging Race

6 Autarchy in Architecture
 1 A Journalistic Discourse
 2 Autarchy at the E42
 3 Artistic Parallels

Architecture, Racial Politics, and War
 1 Introduction to Part 3
 2 A Wartime Discourse
 3 A Wartime Mentality

7 A Work of Fascist Labor
 1 A Process of Construction
 2 A Public Ceremony
 3 A Village and a Palace

8 The War and the Indigenous Villages
 1 Wartime Constructions
 2 In the Shadow of War
 3 Empire, Race, and War

9 Architecture During Wartime
 1 A Space of Confinement
 2 A Site of Conflict

 Post(war) Script


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