Interactions of Degree and Quantification


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Interactions of Degree and Quantification is a collection of chapters edited by Peter Hallman that deal with superlative, equative and differential constructions cross-linguistically, interactions of the comparative with both individual quantifiers and event structure, the use of the individual quantifier ‘some’ as a numeral, and the question of whether the very notion of ‘degree’ is reducible to a relation between individuals. These issues all represent semantic parallels and interactions between individual quantifiers (every, some, etc.) and degree quantifiers (more, most, numerals, etc.) in the expression of quantity and measurement. The contributions presented here advance the analytical depth and cross-linguistic breadth of the state of the art in semantics and its interface with syntax in human language.

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Peter Hallman, Ph.D. (2000), University of California, Los Angeles, is a researcher in syntax and semantics at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna.
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1 Introduction
Peter Hallman

2 Indeterminate Numerals and Their Alternatives
Curt Anderson

3 The Semantics of the Superlative Quantifier -Est
Barbara Tomaszewicz-Özakın

4 Quantification, Degrees and Beyond in Navajo
Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten and Elizabeth Coppock

5 Separate but Equal: A Typology of Equative Constructions
Jessica Rett

6 Compounded Scales
Alan Bale

7 From Possible Individuals to Scalar Segments
Roger Schwarzschild

8 Measuring Cardinalities: Evidence from Differential Comparatives in French
Vincent Homer and Rajesh Bhatt

9 Quantifying Events and Activities
Haley Farkas and Alexis Wellwood

10 Split Semantics for Non-monotonic Quantifiers in Than-Clauses
Linmin Zhang

11 Nominal Quantifiers in Than Clauses and Degree Questions
Nicholas Fleisher

Researchers, graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the areas of linguistic semantics, syntax and language typology, as well as philosophers and logicians concerned with quantification or gradability
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