Johannine Christology


Johannine Christology provides a snapshot of the foremost investigations of this important topic by a selection of scholars representing a range of expertise in this field. The volume is organized into four major parts, which are concerned with the formation of Johannine Christology, Johannine Christology in Hellenistic and Jewish contexts, Christology and the literary character of the Johannine writings, and the application of Christology for the Johannine audience and beyond.

The fifteen contributors to this volume comprise an international set of Johannine scholars who explore various ways of both describing and then pursuing the implications of Johannine Christology. Their contributions focus primarily upon the Gospel, but involve other key texts as well.

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Stanley E. Porter, Ph.D. (1988), University of Sheffield, is President, Dean, and Professor of New Testament, at McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, ON, Canada. He is the author of John, His Gospel, and Jesus: In Pursuit of the Johannine Voice (Eerdmans, 2015) and nearly thirty other volumes.

Andrew W. Pitts, Ph.D. (2014), McMaster Divinity College, is an independent scholar. He recently published History, Biography, and the Genre of Luke-Acts: An Exploration of Literary Divergence in Greek Narrative Discourse (Brill, 2019).

Contributors are: Sherri Brown, Panayotis Coutsoumpos, Jim Ki Hwang, Tat Yu Lam, Jonathan Numada, John Painter, Andrew W. Pitts, Stanley E. Porter, Stephen S. Smalley, Chris S. Stevens, Derek Morton Hamilton Tovey, Travis D. Trost, Lindsey Trozzo, Adam Z. Wright, Arthur M. Wright, Jr.
“This volume is a well-organized group of essays that ranges from the mature reflection of seasoned scholars to the fresh work of several younger scholars. These essays tend to put Johannine Christology in the centre of the discussions of NT Christology, rather than at the end of the process, in itself an important contribution.” – Kent E. Brower, Nazarene Theological College, in: Journal for the Study of the New Testament Booklist 2022 44.5, August 2022.

Series Preface

Johannine Christology: an Introduction
Stanley E. Porter

Part 1: The Formation of Johannine Christology

1 Johannine and Pauline Christology
Stanley E. Porter

2 The Quest for the Messiah: an Inquiry Concerning the Formation of the Johannine Christology
John Painter

3 Jesus the Messiah/Christos and John’s Christology
Panayotis Coutsoumpos

Part 2: Johannine Christology in Hellenistic and Jewish Contexts

4 Creational Light as Christological Theodicy in the Fourth Gospel
Andrew W. Pitts

5 The Christological Appropriation of Zeal in John’s Use of Psalm 69
Jonathan Numada

6 Jesus, Moses, and the Johannine Community after the Jewish Revolt
Travis D. Trost

7 The King on the Cross: Johannine Christology in the Roman Imperial Context
Arthur M. Wright, Jr.

PART 3: Christology and the Literary Character of the Johannine Writings

8 The Narrative Structure and Flow of the Prologue to John’s Gospel
Derek Morton Hamilton Tovey

9 John’s Portrayal of Jesus as the Divine-Adamic Priest and What It Means for the Temple Cleansing in John 2:13–25
Chris S. Stevens

10 Jesus, the λόγος, and Recognition: a Study of Concealed and Revealed Identity in John’s Gospel
Adam Z. Wright

11 The Effusion of Blood and Water for Purity and Sanctity: Jesus’s Body, the Passover Lamb, and the Red Heifer in Johannine Temple Christology
Tat Yu Lam

12 The Person of Christ in John’s Revelation and Gospel
Stephen S. Smalley

PART 4: The Application of Christology for the Johannine Audience and Beyond

13 Jesus in Word and Deed through the Ritual Activity of Tabernacles in John 7:1–10:21
Sherri Brown

14 Elevated Christology and Elusive Ethics: Unity and Identity in the Gospel according to John
Lindsey Trozzo

15 Jesus and the Demonic Powers in the Johannine Tradition
Jin Ki Hwang

16 Brief Concluding Observations on This Volume on Johannine Christology
Stanley E. Porter

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All interested in Johannine studies, in particular Johannine Christology, as well as various theological concepts and motifs within early Christianity.
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