Chán Buddhism in Dūnhuáng and Beyond

A Study of Manuscripts, Texts, and Contexts in Memory of John R. McRae


Chán Buddhism in Dūnhuáng and Beyond: A Study of Manuscripts, Texts, and Contexts in Memory of John R. McRae is dedicated to the memory of the eminent Chán scholar John McRae and investigates the spread of early Chán in a historical, multi-lingual, and interreligious context. Combining the expertise of scholars of Chinese, Tibetan, Uighur, and Tangut Buddhism, the edited volume is based on a thorough study of manuscripts from Dūnhuáng, Turfan, and Karakhoto, tracing the particular features of Chán in the Northwestern and Northern regions of late medieval China.

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Christoph Anderl, Ph.D. (2005), is Professor of Chinese Language and Culture at Ghent University. He has published in the fields of Chinese Historical Linguistics, Dūnhuáng manuscript studies, Chán Buddhism, and Digital Humanities.

Christian Wittern, Ph.D. (1996), is Professor at the Institute of Research in Humanities, Kyoto University. He has published in the fields of Chán Buddhist historical works and Digital Humanities, in addition of being the director of several large database projects.

Contributors are Christoph Anderl, Friederike Assandri, John Jorgensen, Sam van Schaik, Kirill Solonin, Henrik Sørensen, Christian Wittern, Peter Zieme
"Indeed, the volume is an extremely apt dedication to the late John R. McRae (1947–2011). Those with an interest in Chán Buddhism would find this volume utterly invaluable. Moreover, those with a wider interest in Buddhism, Chinese religion, and the general study of religious texts have much to gain from reading this." - Joseph Chadwin, University of Vienna, Religious Studies Review47:2, 2021.
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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Chán Buddhism in an Inter-religious and Cross-linguistic perspective
Christoph Anderl

Part 1 Early Chán History Revisited

1 Early Chán Revisited: A Critical Reading of Dàoxuán’s Hagiographies of Bodhidharma, Huìkě and Their Associates
John Jorgensen

2 Northern Chán and the Siddhaṃ Songs
Christoph Anderl and Henrik H. Sørensen

Part 2 The Spread of Chán in the Northwestern Region

3 The Old Uigur Translation of the Siddhaṃ Songs
Peter Zieme

4 Reconsidering Tibetan Chán
Sam van Schaik

5 The Great Master Tōnglǐ: The Texts by a Liáo Buddhist Master among the Khara-Khoto Findings
Kirill Solonin

Part 3 Chán in an Interreligious Perspective

6 The Meeting and Conflation of Chán and Esoteric Buddhism during the Táng
Henrik H. Sørensen

7 Buddho–Daoist Interaction as Creative Dialogue: The Mind and Dào in Twofold Mystery Teaching
Friederike Assandri

John R. McRae: A Bibliography
All interested in the history of Chinese Chán/Zen Buddhism, Dūnhuáng Studies, and Buddhist texts in Uighur, Tibetan, and Tangut.
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