Education beyond Crisis

Challenges and Directions in a Multicultural World


This book intends to find a common path for diverse approaches meant to reach a better vision on the future of education, to adapt it to the most spectacular and rapid changes in the modern world. Remarkable education specialists bring their research into this volume that collects the best ideas and solutions presented in the 19th Biennial Conference of the International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (Sibiu, Romania, July 2019). The 17 chapters of this book promote a hopeful vision on the future of education as proclaimed in the title: Education beyond Crisis: Challenges and Directions in a Multicultural World.

The volume focuses on three major ideas: defining directions for the future of teaching, challenges of the contemporary teaching context, and teaching in a multicultural world. The volume itself stands for the multicultural approach of education, as the contributors propose a unitary picture on education, in the contexts of national educative programs or inclusive education for the refugee children.

Well-known researchers answer important questions on the effectiveness of educational reforms and education policies in different countries. They take into account the student voice or the teachers' opinions in teaching and designing the new curriculum. The volume includes researches based on case studies, interviews, surveys, qualitative analysis, and original researching instruments. Readers will find here not only the vision of a multicultural world, but also valuable ideas on education in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Serbia, Spain, Singapore, Romania, Turkey, and the United States.

Contributors are: Christiana Deliewen Afrikaner, Laura Sara Agrati, Ana Flavia Souza Aquiar, Neelofar Ahmed, Douwe Beijaard, Terence Titus Chia, Cheryl J. Craig, Feyza Doyran, Estela Ene, Maria Assunção Flores, Maria Antonella Galanti, Paula Martín Gómez, Christos Govaris, Heng Jiang, Stavroula Kaldi, Ria George Kallumkal, Manpreet Kaur, Julia Köhler, Malathy Krishnasamy, Virginia Grazia Iris Magoga, Maria Ines Marcondes, Paulien C. Meijer, Juanjo Mena, Raluca Muresan, Ingeborg van der Neut, Ida E. Oosterheert, Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker, Loredana Perla, Cui Ping, Snežana Obradović-Ratković, Maria Luisa Garcia Rodriquez, Minodora Salcudean, Gonny Schellings, Antonis Smyrnaios, Sydney Sparks, Alexandra Stavrianoudaki, Vassiliki Tzika, Evgenia Vassilaki, Viviana Vinci, Kari-Lynn Winters, Vera E. Woloshyn, Tamara Zappaterra, and Gang Zhu.

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Daniela Roxana Andron, Ph.D. (2007), is Associate Professor at Teachers’ Training Department of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania. She has studied engineering, economics and teachers’ training, with a Ph.D. in Management. She has published or co-authored 13 volumes, chapters and articles in international and national publications.

Gabriela Gruber, Ph.D. (2006), is Associate Professor at Teachers' Training Department of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania. She has published books and articles on History teacher education, teachers' professional ethics and pedagogical practice.
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Notes on Contributors
Daniela Andron and Gabriela Gruber

PART 1: Directions for the Future of Teaching

1 The Impact of Reform Policies on Teachers and Their Practices: Case Studies from Four Countries
Cheryl J. Craig, Maria Assunção Flores, Maria Ines Marcondes and Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker
2 Student Voice in Teaching Writing
Vassiliki Tzika, Stavroula Kaldi, Evgenia Vassilaki and Christos Govaris
3 Vertical Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Citizenship Skills
Loredana Perla, Laura Sara Agrati and Viviana Vinci
4 The Role of Reflective Simulation in the Context of Theatre Pedagogical Paths in Teacher Education
Julia Köhler
5 Towards Broader Views on Learning to Teach: The Case of a Pedagogy for Learning to Teach for Creativity
Ida Oosterheert, Paulien Meijer and Ingeborg van der Neut

PART 2: Challenges of the Contemporary Teaching Context

6 From Integration to Inclusion: Some Critical Issues about Teacher Training in the Italian Experience
Maria Antonella Galanti and Tamara Zappaterra
7 Art and Inclusive Initial Education: An Exploratory Research
Loredana Perla and Virginia Grazia Iris Magoga
8 Design of a Mobile App to Digitalize Teachers’ Professional Journals in the Practicum
Paula Martín Gómez, María Luisa García Rodríguez, Juanjo Mena and Gang Zhu
9 Teaching Media Literacy and Critical Thinking to Countering Digital Misinformation
Minodora Salcudean and Raluca Muresan
10 Innovative Practices in Teacher Education: Why Should We? How Can We?
Paulien C. Meijer

PART 3: Teaching in a Multicultural World

11 Educating Refugee Students: Global Perspectives and Priorities
Snežana Obradović-Ratković, Vera Woloshyn, Kari-Lynn Winters, Neelofar Ahmed, Christos Govaris, Stavroula Kaldi, Christiana Deliewen Afrikaner and Feyza Doyran
12 EFL Writing in Romania: Reflections on Present and Future
Estela Ene and Sydney Sparks
13 Teacher Practical Reasoning When Implementing Curriculum Reforms: A Case Study from Singapore
Heng Jiang, Chia Song An Terence Titus, Ria George Kallumkal and Malathy Krishnasamy
14 Understanding What, How, and Why Teacher Educators Learn through Their Personal Examples of Learning
Cui Ping, Gonny Schellings and Douwe Beijaard
15 Exploring Teacher Educators’ Professional Identity: Role of Emotions – Teacher Educators’ Professional Identity
Manpreet Kaur
16 Teaching Philosophy of Education to Undergraduates in the Deep Amazon
Ana Flávia Souza Aguiar
17 Effects of Inquiry-Based Learning Cooperative Strategies on Pupils’ Historical Thinking and Co-creation
Alexandra Stavrianoudaki and Antonis Smyrnaios

All interested in education reforms and challenges. Anyone concerned with Education beyond the crisis: Challenges and Directions in a Multicultural World: institutes, researchers, practitioners, teacher education, academic or public libraries.
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