Henryk Grossman Works, Volume 2

Political Writings


Henryk Grossman is best-known as a Marxist economist but he also wrote valuable political texts as a leader of the revolutionary organisation of Jewish workers in the Polish province of Austria, before the First World War, as a member of the Communist Workers Party of Poland, during the early 1920s, and as a Marxist academic during the early 1930s. These writings dealt with the political situation, tactics and strategy of Jewish Social Democratic Party of Galicia, the initial reception of Marxism in Poland and then substantial entries on left wing movements, organisations and individuals in a multi-volume reference work.

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Henryk Grossman (1881–1950) was the preeminent Marxist economist of the twentieth century. He was the founding theoretician and secretary of the Jewish Social Democratic Party of Galicia, a Professor at the Free University of Warsaw later, as a member of the Institute for Social Research, at the University of Frankfurt, and then at the University of Leipzig.

Rick Kuhn is a member of Socialist Alternative in Australia, he wrote the Deutscher Prize winning biography Henryk Grossman and the Recovery of Marxism (University of Illinois, 2008) and is an honorary associate professor at the Australian National University.

Rick Kuhn

1 The Proletariat Faced with the Jewish Question

2 From the Editors

3 Letters to the Bund

4 What Do We Want?

5 Reply to the Polish Social Democratic Party of Galicia

6 Report to the Congress of the General Austrian Social Democratic Party in Vienna, 1905

7 To the Social Democrats of Austria

8 The Jewish Social Democratic Party of Galicia

9 Our Position on Electoral Reform

10 On Our Agitation and Propaganda: A New Phase in Our Movement

11 Polish Club, Jewish Club and Zionist Charlatanry

12 Who Should the Kazimierz Electorate Vote For?

13 Bundism in Galicia: A Contribution to the History of the Jewish Workers Movement in Galicia

14 Letters about the Radek Affair

15 Notes on the History of Socialism in Poland Forty Years Ago

16 Adler, Victor

17 Anarchism

18 Bebel, August

19 Bolshevism

20 Christian and Religious Socialism

21 Debs, Eugene

22 De Leon, Daniel

23 Guesde, Jules

24 Herzen, Alexander

25 Hyndman, Henry Mayers

26 The Internationals: The Second International (1889–1914)

27 The Internationals: The Third (Communist) International (Comintern) ‘The International of the Deed’

28 Jaurès, Jean

29 Kropotkin, Peter

30 Lenin (Pseudonym for Ulyanov), Vladimir Ilyich

31 Plekhanov, Georgi Valentinovich

32 Rodrigues, Olinde

33 Social Democratic and Communist Parties

34 Sorel, Georges

Index, Including Abbreviations and Micro Biographies
Those interested in Marxist politics and economics, the history of Jewish workers’ struggles or the 19th and early 20th century history of the international left.
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