The Presence of China and the Chinese Diaspora in Portugal and Portuguese-Speaking Territories


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This book brings together works by specialists from various areas of the social sciences to reflect on the presence of China in Portugal and in Portuguese-speaking territories. From the first Chinese coolies that migrated to the former Portuguese colonies more than 100 years ago, to the current investments along the Belt and Road Initiative, we take the pulse of this historic, social, political and economic presence and flows, that continues to renew and reinvent itself in the face of the challenges of contemporaneity.

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Sofia Gaspar, PhD (2005), CIES-Iscte, Lisbon University Institute, is Senior Researcher at that university. She has published several papers and monographs on China and Southeast Asia, at journals as International Migration (2020) and Journal of Chinese Overseas (2017).

Irene Rodrigues, PhD (2013), Universidade de Lisboa, is Professor of Anthropology at ISCSP, Universidade de Lisboa. She has published books, chapters and articles on Chinese migration, such as at Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2021) and Urban Science (2018).

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The Presence of China and the Chinese Diaspora in Portugal and ­Portuguese-Speaking Territories: An Introduction
Irene Rodrigues and Sofia Gaspar

PART 1: Chinese Communities in Portugal: Mobilities, School, and Learning

1 The Silk Route of Student Mobility: Portuguese Universities’ Strategies for Attracting Chinese Students
Thais França
2 Academic Performance of Chinese Students in Portugal
Sofia Gaspar, Helena Carvalho and Teresa Seabra
3 Chinese Language Teaching in Portugal: Models, Motivations, and Challenges
Wang Jincheng and Sun Yue

PART 2: Crossings between Chinese Entrepreneurship, Economy, and Ethnicity in Portugal and Macao

4 Chinese Entrepreneurship in Portugal: The interaction of Ethnic ­Resources and a Host Society’s Opportunity Structure
Catarina Reis Oliveira
5 Tourism Dynamics in Sino-Portuguese Bilateral Relations: The Case of the Chinese Outbound Market in Portugal
Jiawei Xing, Zélia Breda and Jorge Tavares da Silva
6 A Chinese Mission for Macao: To Build Bridges between China and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries
Cátia Miriam Costa

PART 3: China’s Global Connections with Lusophone Countries: Emerging Geopolitical Interests

7 China’s Energy Security and Portugal in Belt and Road Initiative
Carla Fernandes
8 The Dragon and the Crocodile Revisited: The Chinese Influence in Timor-Leste
Nuno Canas Mendes
9 Connecting Connectivities: China and the Environmental Dimension of the Belt and Road Initiative in Portuguese-Speaking African Countries
Andrea Valente
10 The Impacts of Bolsonaro’s Presidency on the Brazilian-Chinese Relationship
Raquel de Caria Patrício
The primary readership of this book are universities and research centers; Migration research institutions (European Association for Chinese Studies; EuroSEAS); Chinese research institutions and organizations; public policy institutions; ONG’s devoted to migration, and Confucious Institutes.
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