Citizens of Two Kingdoms: Civil Society and Christian Religion in Greater China


Co-edited by Shun-hing Chan and Jonathan Johnson, Citizens of Two Kingdoms examines the complex relationships of civil society, Christian organizations, and individual Christians in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Different authors investigate to what extent Christian organizations or individual Christians demonstrate the quality of civic virtues or virtual citizenship in the four regions, and reflect on the promises and difficulties of applying civil society theories to Chinese societies. Some authors focus their studies on the relationships in mainland China under the regime of Xi Jinping. Contributors include Richard Madsen, Zhidong Hao, Teresa Wright, Fredrik Fällman, Lauren F. Pfister, Lida V. Nedilsky, Mary Mee-Yin Yuen, Shun-hing Chan, Wen-ben Kuo, Yik-fai Tam, and Gerda Wielander.

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Shun-hing Chan, Ph.D. (1996), is Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University. He has published books and articles on sociology of religion, including Changing Church and State Relations in Hong Kong, 1950-2000 (Hong Kong University Press, 2003).

Jonathan W. Johnson, Ph.D. (2019), is a lecturer in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University. His recent publications address aesthetic judgments, including his chapter in On the Ugly: Aesthetic Exchanges (Cambridge Scholars, 2019).
All interested in the relationship between civil society and Christianity in Greater China, and researchers and students of sociology, religious studies, and theology concerned with religion and social change.
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