Seeing the World through Children’s Eyes

Visual Methodologies and Approaches to Research in the Early Years


Seeing the World through Children’s Eyes brings an overarching emphasis on ‘seeing’ to early years research. The book provides an opportunity to see and hear from leading researchers in the field concerning how they work with visual methodologies and young children. It explores the problems, pitfalls and promises that these offer for reflexive, critical inquiry that privileges the ‘work of the eye’ whilst implicating the researcher ‘I’ for what is revealed. Readers are invited to see for themselves what might be revealed through their discoveries, and to contemplate how these ideas might influence their own seeings.

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E. Jayne White is Associate Dean ECE at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, and Professor at Western Norway Institute of Applied Science, Norway. She is founding member and current President of the Association for Visual Pedagogies (AVP) and Editor-in-Chief of the Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy.
Sarah Pink
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1 The Work of the Eye/I in ‘Seeing’ Children: Visual Methodologies for the Early Years
E. Jayne White
2 ‘Third Objects’ and Sandboxes: Creatively Engaging Children to Share Their Understandings of Social Worlds
Dawn Mannay and Amie Hodges
3 Reaching beyond the ‘Visual Givens’ through Philosophical-Empirical Inquiry: Video, Depth and Epiphany
Sheena Elwick
4 Multimodal Visual Methods for Seeing with Children
Helen Lomax
5 Competing Voices: Hidden Dialogicity through Visual Encounters with Children’s Play with Touchscreen Devices
Dandan Cao
6 Deconstructing the Use of Video for Research with Children: A Methodology of ‘Truth’ and Meaning
Julie Carmel and Elizabeth Rouse
7 Visual Dialogic Self-Study in ECE: ‘Video-of-Video’
Bridgette Redder
8 But Where Is the Child? Using Digital Documentation in Pedagogical Practice with Parents and Practitioners
Amanda Crow
9 Cameras and Carnivals: A Visual Dialogic Route to Young Children’s Humour
Laura Jennings-Tallant
10 Phenomenological Participatory Research: Opportunities for ‘Seeing’ and Producing Meaning
Nicola Firth
11 Visual Methodology: Processing Relational Pedagogy
Avis Ridgway, Gloria Quinones and Liang Li
12 Bringing Immersive Embodied Visual Methodology to Bear on Play Pedagogies for ECE Teachers
Rene Novak

All interested in visual methodologies, visual pedagogies, early years learning, and educational research.
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