Cassius Dio: The Impact of Violence, War, and Civil War


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Cassius Dio: The Impact of Violence, War, and Civil War is part of a renewed interest in the Roman historian Cassius Dio. This volume focuses on Dio’s approaches to foreign war and stasis as well as civil war. The impact of war on Rome as well as on the history of Rome has long be recognised by scholars, and adding to that, recent years have seen an increasing interest in the impact of civil war on Roman society. Dio’s views on violence, war, and civil war are an inter-related part of his overall project, which sought to understand Roman history on its own historical and historiographical terms and within a long-range view of the Roman past that investigated the realities of power.

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Carsten Hjort Lange (PhD University of Nottingham, 2008) is Associate Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark. Publications include two monographs, Res Publica Constituta: Actium, Apollo and the Accomplishment of the Triumviral Assignment (Brill, 2009) and Triumphs in the Age of Civil War: The Late Republic and the Adaptability of Triumphal Tradition (Bloomsbury, 2016). He has co-edited a volume on the Roman republican triumph with Frederik J. Vervaet (The Roman Republican Triumph: Beyond the Spectacle, Quasar 2014), a volume on Cassius Dio (Cassius Dio: Greek Intellectual and Roman Politician, Brill 2016) with Jesper M. Madsen, as well as a volume on historiography and civil war with Frederik J. Vervaet (The Historiography of Late Republican Civil War, Brill 2019).
Andrew G. Scott (PhD Rutgers University, New Brunswick, 2008) is Associate Professor of Classical Studies at Villanova University. He is the author of Emperors and Usurpers: an historical commentary on Cassius Dio's Roman history, books 79(78)-80(80) (217-229 CE) (2018), and has written numerous articles and book chapters on the histories of Cassius Dio and Herodian, as well as on various aspects of Spartan social history. He is co-editor (with Jesper M. Madsen) of the forthcoming Brill’s Companion to Cassius Dio and is currently working on a monograph on books 73[72]-80[80] of Cassius Dio’s Roman history.

Contributors are: Carsten H. Lange, Andrew G. Scott, Piotr Berdowski, Joel Allen, John Rich, Mads O. Lindholmer, Estelle Bertrand, Wolfgang Havener, Alex Imrie, Ayelet Peer, Konstantin V. Markov, Adam M. Kemezis, Sulochana R. Asirvatham and Josiah Osgood.
" As a group these collective volumes, and two further monographs, represent an important movement to better understand Dio as both an agent in and reporter of Rome's history. [...] Our knowledge of Roman history from the late Republic through the early third century CE is heavily dependent upon Cassius Dio. Hence the importance for all areas of Roman studies of volumes such as this one, which help us to a better understanding of how Dio's thinking shaped the way he constructed his narrative." David S. Potter, SEHEPUNKTE - Ausgabe 21 (2021), Nr. 4.
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Historiography of Rome and Its Empire Series

Cassius Dio: Between War and Civil War
Carsten Hjort Lange and Andrew G. Scott

part 1: Violence

1 Violence as an Interpretive Category in Cassius Dio: The Terror under Sulla in 82 BCE
Piotr Berdowski

2 Gossip of Violence and Violence of Gossip: Livia’s Lament and Its Remedy in Cassius Dio’s Severan Context
Joel Allen

part 2: War

3 Causation and Morality: Cassius Dio on the Origins of Rome’s External Wars under the Republic
John Rich

4 Caesar’s Campaigns in Cassius Dio’s Late Republic
Mads Ortving Lindholmer

5 Cassius Dio and the Roman Empire: the Impact of the Severan Wars on Dio’s Narrative
Estelle Bertrand

6 “A Warlike Man” – Cassius Dio’s Perception and Interpretation of the Imperial Military persona
Wolfgang Havener

part 3: Civil War and the City of Rome

7 The War Comes Home: Rome and Romans during Civil Conflict in the Roman History
Alex Imrie

8 Talking Heads: the Rostra as a Conspicuous Civil War Monument
Carsten Hjort Lange

Part 4: Civil War and the Senate

9 Cassius Dio, Cicero and the Complexity of Civil War
Ayelet Peer

10 Cassius Dio on Senatorial Activities as a Factor of Political Instability and Civil War
Konstantin V. Markov

11 Cassius Dio and Senatorial Memory of Civil War in the 190s
Adam M. Kemezis

Part 5: Civil War and the Severans

12 Cassius Dio, Ὁμόνοια, and Civil War
Sulochana R. Asirvatham

13 “If You Do Wrong, You Will Be King!”: The Civil War Victor in Cassius Dio
Josiah Osgood

14 Civil War and Governmental Change: From the Achievements of Augustus to the Failures of the Severans
Andrew G. Scott

All interested in the history of Rome and anyone concerned with Greco-Roman historiography.
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