Violence in the Hebrew Bible

Between Text and Reception


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In Violence in the Hebrew Bible scholars reflect on texts of violence in the Hebrew Bible, as well as their often problematic reception history. Authoritative texts and traditions can be rewritten and adapted to new circumstances and insights. Texts are subject to a process of change. The study of the ways in which these (authoritative) biblical texts are produced and/or received in various socio-historical circumstances discloses a range of theological and ideological perspectives. In reflecting on these issues, the central question is how to allow for a given text’s plurality of possible and realised meanings while also retaining the ability to form critical judgments regarding biblical exegesis. This volume highlight that violence in particular is a fruitful area to explore this tension.

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Jacques van Ruiten, Ph.D. (1990), Catholic University Amsterdam, is Professor of the Reception History of the Bible at the University of Groningen. He has published extensively on the reception history of biblical texts, especially in early Judaism.

Koert van Bekkum, Ph.D. (2010), Theological University Kampen, is Professor of Old Testament at the Evangelical Theological Faculty Leuven and Associate Professor at the Theological University Kampen. He has published on the historical, literary and theological aspects of Genesis to 1 Kings.
"...The volume is fascinating in evidencing just how conflicted and problematic interpretations of violence in the biblical text might be, and how different methodological biases yield vastly different approaches and answers." ISABELLE HAMLEY, SOTS Book List
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