Byzantium to China: Religion, History and Culture on the Silk Roads

Studies in Honour of Samuel N.C. Lieu


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This collection of papers reflects the interests and influence of Samuel N. C. Lieu on scholars and students during his academic career. It demonstrates not only the importance of his work on Manichaeism, but his broader intellectual contribution to early Christian, Roman, Byzantine, and comparative historical studies. His impact on Manichaean studies has been unparalleled resulting in several prestigious book series devoted to the linguistic and historical study of Mani and his religion. It is largely thanks to his enterprise that scholars now have access to an extensive library of texts and images unavailable to earlier researchers. The volume honours the life and work of a remarkable scholar of international renown.

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Gunner B. Mikkelsen is Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of History and Archaeology, Macquarie University, Sydney. Among his publications are Dictionary of Manichaean Texts in Chinese (2006), Between Rome and China (2016), Tractatus Manichaicus Sinicus (2017) and The Gnostic World (2019).

Ken Parry is Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of History and Archaeology, Macquarie University, Sydney. Among his publications are Depicting the Word: Byzantine Iconophile Thought of the Eighth and Ninth Centuries (1996), and Art, Architecture and Religion Along the Silk Roads (2008). He has recently contributed to Brill’s A Companion to Byzantine Iconoclasm (2021).
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Publications of Samuel N.C. Lieu
Tabula Gratulatoria

1 Nārāyaṇa Buddha: Adaptation of Manichaean Prophetology in South, Central, and East Asia
Jason BeDuhn

2 Sacred Space: The Orkhon Valley and the Empires of the Steppe
Craig Benjamin

3 The Nag Hammadi Codices and Monasticism
Malcolm Choat

4 Non-Zoroastrians in Zoroastrian Law: The Sasanian Law Book in Comparison to Later Pahlavi Texts
Iris Colditz

5 An Uncivilized Empire: Xuanzang on Persia
Max Deeg

6 Another Coptic Manichaean Psalm to Jesus (Nº 242)
Jean-Daniel Dubois

7 Rome’s Eastern Trade and Imperialism from Augustus to the Severans
Peter M. Edwell

8 A Stranger Twice Over: Manichaean Ideology and Mission
Majella Franzmann

9 The Construction of an Iranian Lineage for Manichaeism
Iain Gardner

10 Procopius and the Kings of Persia
Geoffrey Greatrex

11 The Footprint of Mani’s Book of Pictures in Late Antique Sources: An Assessment of Social and Geographical Data about Teachings with Images among the Manichaeans During the 3rd and 4th Centuries
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi

12 Debating with the Jews at Turfan
Erica C.D. Hunter

13 Between Marcion and Mani: Open Questions for a Continuing Conversation
Judith M. Lieu

14 Chinese and Western Resources for a Global Ethic
Torbjörn Lodén

15 Mani Eats Greek Bread: The Sitz im Leben of the Cologne Mani-Codex
Paul McKechnie

16 Xuanzong’s Edict of 732 on Manichaeism
Gunner Mikkelsen

17 Historical Fiction in Syriac and the Clash of Religions and Cultures in the Late Antique Near East
Fergus Millar

18 More Fruits and Trees in Manichaean Sogdian
Enrico Morano

19 What’s in a Name? Papyrus Evidence for Christian Female Onomastic Practice in Egypt during the Period of Christianisation to the Early Byzantine Period
Alanna Nobbs

20 What Did Augustine See? Augustine and Mani’s Picture Book
Johannes van Oort

21 Pierre Gilles’ Constantinople: A 16th-Century Frenchman in the City of Suleyman the Magnificent
Ken Parry

22 First Man and Third Messenger in Manichaean Mythology
Nils Arne Pedersen

23 The Manichaean Contour Letters
Christiane Reck

24 Following the Persians: Alexander the Great, His Mints at Tarsus and Babylon, and the Minting Practices of Persian and Greek Satraps
Kenneth A. Sheedy

25 The Rediscovery of Sogdian
Nicholas Sims-Williams

26 Traces of Christianity in the Land of the Tangut from the 8th to the 14th Century
Li Tang

27 Did Christianity (or St. Thomas) Come to 1st-Century China?
Glen L. Thompson

28 “Vous avez eu le courage de dire ce que pensent les meilleurs turquisants”: la correspondance Antoine Meillet / Willy Bang [Kaup]
Aloïs van Tongerloo and Herman Seldeslachts

29 On the Manichaean Preacher Hulu Fashi of the Tang Dynasty
Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Wushu

30 Christians in the Service of the Tang Emperor Suzong (756–762): A Curious Poem by Li Bo
David Wilmshurst

31 Sogdian Christians in China, Turfan and Sogdiana
Yutaka Yoshida

32 Notes on a Turkic Manichaean Benediction Hymn
Peter Zieme

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This volume will be of interest to scholars and students of Manichaeism, Eastern Christianity, Oriental Studies, and Silk Road Studies.
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