A Grammar of Bjokapakha


Author: Selin Grollmann
A Grammar of Bjokapakha by Selin Grollmann constitutes the first description of Bjokapakha, an endangered language spoken in central Bhutan belonging to the Tshangla branch of Trans-Himalayan. This grammar comprises a description of the phonology, lexicon, nominal morphology, predicate structures and syntax. In addition to the descriptive parts, this book encompasses a historical-comparative account of Bjokapakha. The introductory chapter provides a comparison with the standard variety of Tshangla and corroborates the internal diversity of the Tshangla branch. The present-day structure of Bjokapakha verbal morphology is illuminated by means of an internal reconstruction. Moreover, this book contains a glossary and a text collection.

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Selin Grollmann, M.A. (2014), University of Bern, is a Ph.D. candidate at that university. She is working on Trans-Himalayan languages of Bhutan and eastern Nepal and currently writing a grammar of Nachiring, a moribund Kiranti language, as her Ph.D. thesis.
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1 Introduction
 DTD#1.1 Language and Speakers
 DTD#1.2 Phylogeny
 DTD#1.3 Data, Material and Consultants
 DTD#1.4 Structure and Focus

2 Phonology
 DTD#1.1 Phoneme Inventory
 DTD#1.2 Syllable Structure
 DTD#1.3 Phonological Processes
 DTD#1.4 Morphophonology

3 Lexicon
 DTD#1.1 Grammatical Categories
 DTD#1.2 Formatives
 DTD#1.3 Compounding

4 Nominals and Noun Phrase Structures
 DTD#1.1 Nominal Morphology
 DTD#1.2 Pronouns
 DTD#1.3 Noun Phrase Structure

5 Predicate Types and Structures
 DTD#1.1 Overview of Verbal Morphology
 DTD#1.2 Verbal Morphology
 DTD#1.3 Complex Predicates
 DTD#1.4 Nominal Predicates
 DTD#1.5 An Internal Reconstruction of Bjokapakha Verbal Morphology

6 Syntax
 DTD#1.1 Basic Clause Structure
 DTD#1.2 Pragmatic Devices
 DTD#1.3 Multi-clause Constructions

Appendix 1: Text Corpus
Appendix 2: Glossary
Linguistic students and scholars interested in the Trans-Himalayan language family and the languages of Bhutan and anyone with a general interest in Bhutan and its cultures and languages.