Anatolian Verbal Stem Formation

Luwian, Lycian and Lydian


In Anatolian Verbal Stem Formation, David Sasseville offers an extensive classification of the Luwian, Lycian and Lydian verbal stem classes. This serves as a basis for reconstructing the Proto-Luwic stage and subsequent comparison with Hittite, providing new insights into the Proto-Anatolian verbal system and by extension into the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European.
Besides its contribution to the study of verbal morphology, the present book also provides significant insights into the philology of the Anatolian languages. The detailed analyses of the synchronic data, including a philological survey of verbal forms and paradigms for the individual stem classes, enhance our understanding of Luwian, Lycian and Lydian and thereby benefit the fields of Hittitology and other studies on the Classical period in Asia Minor.

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David Sasseville, Ph.D. (2019), is a research associate in the field of Indo-European Linguistics at Philipps-University Marburg, Germany. He has taught and published on various aspects of the Anatolian languages.
All scholars and students at any level interested in the field of Indo-European Linguistics and Hittitology.
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