Site-Seeing Aesthetics

California Sojourns in Five Installations


Site-Seeing Aesthetics: California Sojourns in Five Installations takes the reader to Dodger Stadium, Fort Ross, Chinese Camp, the Winchester House, and letters from the Gold Country in a writing and reading of cultural time and site performance. These sojourns’ are informed by insights from among other literary and cultural studies, site-specific performance studies, human geography, archeology, and history into a kind of “literary chorography.” Along the road, the book considers how places come before us as dramatized, hybrid creations of layered and “haunted” scripts. In its interdisciplinary nature, Site-Seeing in California thus gestures to alternate paths into our time’s fascination with place, region, and memory, engaging also with questions of and dialogues between region and transnationalism in their aesthetic reflections.

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Lene M. Johannessen, Ph.D. (2002), is Professor of American literature at the University of Bergen, Norway. She has written monographs, essays and edited books in American studies, Postcolonial studies, and aesthetics, recently Emerging Aesthetic Imaginaries (2018, with Mark Ledbetter).
This book is relevant to anyone with an interest in the study of place and region and the role they play in how we see the world, particularly scholars and students of cultural studies in dialogue with aesthetics.
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