Interpretation and Visual Poetics in Medieval and Early Modern Texts

Essays in Honor of H. Wayne Storey


Focusing on literary and non-literary works alike, Interpretation and Visual Poetics in Medieval and Early Modern Texts places visual and material aspects of literary study at the center of the interpretive process. The essays in this collection explore new and traditional areas of research from hermeneutics, to codicology and history of the book, to cultures of sound and the digital humanities. They address the texts themselves, as well as their early manuscripts and subsequent printed and digital editions. The contributors collectively cover a time span of over 1000 years, and begin with the Mediterranean, focusing on texts produced in Italy and the Languedoc regions, then radiate outward to analyse the texts’ material containers (manuscripts, print, and digital editions) that are now housed worldwide.

Contributors are: Michelangelo Zaccarello, Daniel O’Sullivan, Valerio Cappozzo, Jelena Todorović, Christopher Kleinhenz, Mirko Tavoni, Isabella Magni, Francesco Marco Aresu, Dario Del Puppo, Beatrice Arduini, Giovanni Spani, Furio Brugnolo, Teodolinda Barolini, Alessandro Vettori, Marcello Ciccuto, Marco Veglia, Michael Papio, and Anthony Nussmeier.

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Beatrice Arduini, Ph.D. (2008), University of Washington, is Associate Professor of Italian Studies. Her work centers on Medieval Italian literature, particularly manuscript culture and early book history.
Isabella Magni, Ph.D. (2017), Rutgers University, is Postdoctoral Associate in Italian and Digital Humanities. She is co-principal investigator of the Petrarchive project and editor of the Italian Paleography website. She has published on Dante, Petrarca and digital philology.

Jelena Todorović, Ph.D. (2009), University of Wisconsin-Madison, is Associate Professor of Italian. She has published on Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, and on medieval Italian, Occitan, and Latin literatures, cultures, and cultural exchanges.
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Beatrice Arduini, Isabella Magni and Jelena Todorović

Part 1: Materiality and Visual Poetics

1 Historical Notes on Textual Scholarship: The Lectio Brevior Potior Rule
Michelangelo Zaccarello

2 Transcription and Musical Memory in the Occitan Chansonnier in Paris, BnF French 795
Daniel E. O’Sullivan

3 Editing the Somniale Danielis: The Earliest Italian Version of a Dream Book
Valerio Cappozzo

4 Revisiting the Trespiano Fragment (Ca) of the Vita Nova
Jelena Todorović

5 Hysteron Proteron, Teleology, and Dante’s Commedia
Christopher Kleinhenz

6 The Vision of God (Paradiso 33) and Its Iconography
Mirko Tavoni

7 Editing the Albi[z]zi Memorial Book
Isabella Magni

8 A Dantean (and Alfierian?) Incunable in the Olin Library at Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT)
Francesco Marco Aresu

9 What Did Late Medieval Italy Sound Like?
Dario Del Puppo

Part 2: Hermeneutics and Literary Criticism

10 Dolente me: son morto ed ag[g]io vita! The Sonnet Corona of ‘Disaventura’ by Monte Andrea da Firenze
Beatrice Arduini

11 The Battle of Campaldino: Strategy, Tactics, and a Brief Medical History
Giovanni Spani

12 Continuation and Conclusion of an Interpretation of Dante’s Vita nuova XXII, 9–16 (Voi che portate la sembianza umile and Sè tu colui c’hai trattato sovente)
Furio Brugnolo

13 Voi che ’ntendendo il terzo ciel movete. A Dramatization of “utrum de passione in passionem possit anima transformari”: Conflict, Compulsion, Consent, Conversion
Teodolinda Barolini

14 Sodomy and Exile; Dante and Brunetto
Alessandro Vettori

15 A Reuse of Antiquity, Dante’s Way: The Brazen Bull of Phalaris
Marcello Ciccuto

16 Panfilo’s Mark (on Decameron I. 1)
Marco Veglia

17 Was Pronapides an Orphic?
Michael Papio

18 Jacopo Corbinelli’s De vulgari eloquentia (1577) and the Retorica di Ser Brunetto Latini in volgar fiorentino (1546)
Anthony Nussmeier

Bibliography and Works Cited
All interested in Italian and European medieval and early modern literatures and cultures, Biblical studies, codicology, palaeography, manuscript studies, textual and digital studies.
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