The Politics of Reformation

Benjamin Bailey and the CMS in the Ecclesiastical Development of Travancore


In this book you will learn of the unheralded CMS missionary Benjamin Bailey. You willl hear the story through unpublished archive material combined with rare accounts from an Indian perspective. You will see how church reformation in India was aided by Western involvement but retained independence from it. You will learn how the story of colonial politics and church reform are intertwined but never straightforward. For practitioners today there is much food for thought in this account.

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Gary McKee, Ph.D (2019), University of Leeds, is Programmes Officer and Lecturer at Union School of Theology, Bridgend, South Wales. He teaches New Testament and missiology. His research interests lie in the history and theology of mission.
This book will be of interest to historians of mission in India, libraries specialising in mission studies and colonial history, practitioners of mission and ecumenical encounter.
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