Contributions to Zagrology

V. F. Minorsky and C. J. Edmonds Correspondence (1928-1965)


This volume is an annotated correspondence, of nearly forty years, between two prominent Orientalists. The letters cover a range of topics related to the Zagros Mountains, its peoples, their history, culture, and languages. They also offer a glimpse into the personal lives and careers of the two scholars, give valuable insights on the development of the field of Kurdish Studies, and to an extent outline the contours of what the two referred to as Zagrology.

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Gennady Kurin is a DPhil student at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, completing his dissertation on the historiography and memory of the reign of the Safavid Shah Tahmasb (r. 1524-1576). He has previously published articles and book reviews in journals such as Iranian Studies, Digital Studies / Le champ numérique, Turkish Historical Review, and Kurdish Studies.

Metin Atmaca (PhD 2013, University of Freiburg) is Associate Professor at Social Sciences University of Ankara. He was visiting scholar in Paris, Berlin, Philadelphia, and Tehran. He has published on Kurdish, Ottoman, Iranian and Iraqi history in the Cambridge History of the Kurds, Oxford Bibliographies Online, EI Three, Middle Eastern Studies, Journal of World History, Kurdish Studies, and other journals and anthologies. He is currently working on a book project on Ottoman Kurdistan.
Libraries, institutes, scholars and students of Iranian Studies, Kurdish Studies, History, Ethnoreligious communities, Orientalism, Indo-Europoean/Iranian linguistics.
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