Timurid Art and Culture

Iran and Central Asia in the Fifteenth Century


The nineteen papers collected in this volume were delivered at a symposium held in Toronto, November 1989 in order to discuss the art and culture of Timurid times. The papers cover the last decades of the fourteenth century and the whole of the fifteenth, in an area of western Asia extending roughly from the Euphrates to the Hindu Kush and to the Altai.
Among the subjects covered were: 'Discourses of an Imaginary Arts Council in Fifteenth-Century Iran'; 'The Persian Court between Palace and Tent: From Timur to ‘Abbas I'; 'Turkmen Princes and Religious Dignitaries: A Sketch in Group Profiles'; 'Craftsmen and Guild Life in Samarkand'; 'The Baburnama and the Tarikh-i Rashidi: Their Mutual Relationship'; 'Geometric Design in Timurid/Turkmen Architectural Practice: Thoughts on a Recently Discovered Scroll and Its Late Gothic Parallels' and 'Repetition of Compositions in Manuscripts: The Khamsa of Nizami in Leningrad.

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