Representing Jewish Thought

Proceedings of the 2015 Institute of Jewish Studies Conference Held in Honour of Professor Ada Rapoport-Albert


Editor: Agata Paluch
Representing Jewish Thought originated in the conference, convened in honour of Professor Ada Rapoport-Albert, on the theme of visual representations of Jewish thought from antiquity to the early modern period. The volume encompasses essays on various modes and media of transmitting and re/presenting thought, pertinent to Jewish past and present. It explores several approaches to the study of the transmission of ideas in historical sources, zooming in on textual and visual hermeneutics to material and textual culture to performative arts. The volume has brought together scholars from different subfields of Jewish Studies, covering thousands of years of Jewish history, who invite further scholarly reflection on the expression, transmission, and organisation of knowledge in Jewish contexts.

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Agata Paluch, Ph.D. (2013), University College London, is research associate at Free University of Berlin. She has published on Jewish mystical literatures, including Megalleh ʻAmuqot: The Enoch-Meṭaṭron Tradition in the Kabbalah of Nathan Neṭa Shapira of Kraków (1585-1633) (Cherub Press, 2014).
Notes on Contributors
Ada Rapoport-Albert: an Appreciation
Mark Geller

1 Introduction
Agata Paluch

2 “Letters of Thought” (otiyot ha-maḥshavah) and “Primordial Intellect”: from Ecstatic Kabbalah to Hasidism
Moshe Idel

3 Staging Hasidism: Representation of the “Yossele Schumacher Affair” in a Hasidic Yiddish Play Vi iz Yossele?
Wojciech Tworek

4 The Manuscript in Chabad: Joining Souls?
Naftali Loewenthal

5 Copying, Compiling, Commonplacing in Kabbalistic Manuscript Collectanea: Sefer Ḥesheḳ and the Kabbalah of Divine Names in Early Modern Ashkenaz
Agata Paluch

6 The “Munich Talmud”: an Exceptional Book of French Jews
Judith Olszowy-Schlanger

7 Moral Exegesis? Hermeneutics and Exegetical Strategies in Seder Eliyahu (Zuṭa)
Lennart Lehmhaus

8 Zodiacs of Heaven and Earth
Helen R. Jacobus

9 Playing Hide and Seek: Is There a Jewish Way to It?
Frank Alvarez-Pereyre

All interested in the history of formation of Jewish knowledges, especially from the perspective of manuscript and media studies, and the history and literatures of Jewish mysticism and Hasidism.