Perspectives on New Testament Textual Criticism, Volume 2

Collected Essays, 2006–2017


Eldon Jay Epp’s second volume of collected essays consists of articles previously published during 2006-2017. All treat aspects of the New Testament textual criticism, but focus on historical and methodological issues relevant to constructing the earliest attainable text of New Testament writings.

More specific emphasis falls upon the nature of textual transmission and the text-critical process, and heavily on the criteria employed in establishing that earliest available text. Moreover, textual grouping is examined at length, and prominent is the current approach to textual variants not approved for the constructed text, for they have stories to tell regarding theological, ethical, and real-life issues as the early Christian churches sought to work out their own status, practices, and destiny.

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Eldon Jay Epp, Ph.D. (1961), Harvard University, is a recognized specialist in New Testament manuscripts and textual criticism. He is Case Western Reserve University’s Harkness Professor of Biblical Literature and Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences emeritus, and frequent adjunct professor at Harvard Divinity School.
“This book is a luxury item insofar as only one of its articles is published here for the first time. But it remains valuable as a resource for Epp’s thought, for his continued reflection on his own career, and as an overview of active discussions on textual criticism the past 15 years.” – Garrick V. Allen, University of Glasgow, in: Journal for the Study of the New Testament Booklist 2022 44.5, August 2022.

Location of Original Publications
Notes to Readers
Introduction to Volume Two, 2020
Introduction to Volume One, 2005
A Half-Century Adventure with New Testament Textual Criticism

appendix: Republished Articles and Book Chapters

1 The Jews and the Jewish Community in Oxyrhynchus: Socio-Religious Context for the New Testament Papyri

2 Minor Textual Variants in Romans 16:7

3 It’s All about Variants: a Variant-Conscious Approach to New Testament Textual Criticism

4 Are Early New Testament Manuscripts Truly Abundant?

5 The New Testament Papyri and the Transmission of the New Testament

6 The Disputed Words of the Eucharistic Institution (Luke 22,19b–20): the Long and Short of the Matter

7 Traditional “Canons” of New Testament Textual Criticism: Their Value, Validity, and Viability – or Lack Thereof

8 Textual Criticism and New Testament Interpretation

9 The Papyrus Manuscripts of the New Testament

10 Textual Clusters: Their Past and Future in New Testament Textual Criticism

11 But Which Text? A Consideration of ‘Ausgangstext’ and “Initial Text”

12 Why Does New Testament Textual Criticism Matter? Refined Definitions and Fresh Directions

13 How New Testament Textual Variants Embody and Exhibit Prior Textual Traditions

14 Codex Sinaiticus: Its Entrance into the Mid-Nineteenth Century Text-Critical Environment and Its Impact on the New Testament Text

15 Critical Editions and the Development of Text-Critical Methods, Part 1: from Erasmus to Griesbach (1516–1807)

16 Critical Editions and the Development of Text-Critical Methods, Part 2: from Lachmann (1831) to the Present

17 The Late Constantin Tischendorf and Codex Sinaiticus: New Testament Textual Criticism without Them – an Exercise in Erasure History

18 Early Christian Attitudes toward ‘Things Jewish’ as Narrated by Textual Variants in Acts: A Case Study of the D-Textual Cluster

19 Text-Critical Witnesses and Methodology for Isolating a Distinctive D-Text in Acts

Two Previously Published Items and a Previously Unpublished Lecture that Reflect the Recent History of New Testament Textual Criticism

20 Textual Criticism: New Testament
  Anchor Bible Dictionary (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1992) Vol. 6, 412–35

21 The American Textual Criticism Seminar: Retrospect and Prospect
  (Previously Unpublished) 1967

22 The “Foreword” to a Reprint of The Greek New Testament in the Original Greek by Brooke Loss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort, 1881
Contents of Perspectives on New Testament Textual Criticism [Volume 1], 2005 and Errata in Volume 1
Errata in Volume 1: Corrections and Additions
Text-Critical Books Written or Edited by the Author, and Articles Not Reprinted in Volumes 1 and 2 of Perspectives on New Testament Textual Criticism
Text-Critical Responsibilities of the Author
Text-Critical Books Published to date in NTTSD, Leiden/Boston: Brill
Index of Authors (Ancient and Modern)
Index of Passages
Index of Greek and Latin words
Index of New Testament Manuscripts, Versions, Editions, and Modern Translations
Index of Subjects
All New Testament scholars and graduate students, any Greek and Latin classics scholars interested in textual transmission and textual criticism, historians of early church history, and scholars of Greek language.
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