The Arch of Titus

From Jerusalem to Rome—and Back

The Arch of Titus: From Jerusalem to Rome—and Back explores the shifting meanings and significance of the Arch of Titus from the Jewish War of 66–74 CE to the present—for Romans, Christians and especially for Jews. Built by triumphant Romans, this triumphal monument was preserved by medieval Christians, lauded by modern visitors and dictators and imitated around the world. The Arch of Titus has special significance for the once-defeated Jews. Its menorah is now the national symbol of modern Israel.

The Arch of Titus: From Jerusalem to Rome—and Back assembles an international array of scholars to explore the Arch in all of its complexity. This volume celebrates an exhibition mounted at Yeshiva University Museum and is the final statement of the Yeshiva University Arch of Titus Project.

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Pages: 194–196
Steven Fine is the Dean Pinkhos Churgin Professor of Jewish History at Yeshiva University. He is director of the YU Center for Israel Studies, and of the YU Arch of Titus Project. Fine is a faculty member of Yeshiva University's Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies and the Robert M. Beren Department of History.
"The publication is a compelling survey of the Arch of Titus through the centuries and a worthy tribute to both Fine and this exceptional survival from the ancient world."
- Steven H. Wander, University of Connecticut, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2022.06.27.

"Der Sammelband wird so zu einem hochspannenden Beitrag zur Rezeptionsgeschichte des Titus-Bogens und er unterstreicht, wie sehr das Monument ein zentraler Ort globaler Kulturgeschichte ist."
- Achim Lichtenberger, Münster (Westf.), in Theologische Literaturzeitung 147 (2022) 9.
Lenders to the Exhibition
Ari Berman
Steven Fine and Jacob Wisse
Introduction: Searching for Butterflies under the Arch of Titus
Steven Fine
1 The Spoils of Jerusalem in Color: The Making of a Polychrome Model
Steven Fine, Donald H. Sanders, and Peter J. M. Schertz

2 The Arch of Titus: Triumph, Funeral, and Apotheosis in Ancient Rome
Ida Östenberg

3 Flavius Josephus and the Arch of Titus: Commemorating the Jewish War in Word and Stone
Samuele Rocca

4 A Narrative Triumph: The Rabbis Write Back to the Empire
Galit Hasan-Rokem

5 Pagan Rome in the Service of the Church: Christian Perceptions of the Arch of Titus in the Middle Ages
Marie-Thérèse Champagne

6 Early Modern Visitors to the Arch of Titus
William Stenhouse

7 Moses Mendelssohn on the Arch of Titus Menorah
Steven Fine

8 Valadier at the Arch of Titus: Papal Reconstruction and Archeological Restoration under Pius VII
Marina Caffiero

9 “Without Leaving Home”: Artists as Real and Virtual Pilgrims to the Arch of Titus
Jacob Wisse

10 The Arch of Titus in New York: The Menorahs at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Yitzchak Schwartz

11 “Titus, You’re Gone, but We’re Still Here, Am Yisrael Chai”: Modern Jewish Pilgrimage to the Arch of Titus
Steven Fine, with Yaakov Fine

12 Postscript: The Arch of Titus in the COVID Moment
Steven Fine
13 Exhibition Script and Object Checklist
Steven Fine, Jacob Wisse, and Jill Joshowitz

All interested in the history of the Arch of Titus, its art and reception from ancient Rome to the present
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