Knowledge, Authority and Change in Islamic Societies

Studies in Honor of Dale F. Eickelman


Senior scholars of Islamic studies and the anthropology of Islam gather in this volume to pay tribute to one of the giants of the field, Dale F. Eickelman. In diversely arrayed, rigorous and compelling chapters, leading historians, anthropologists, and political scientists elaborate through their own original research on Dale’s unique contributions to the study of the modern Muslim world. Eickelman’s reflections on the diverse intellectual traditions of Muslim societies and the scholars and laypersons who enact them remain defining as a framework for intellectual inquiry into the modern Muslim world and the profound changes that are transpiring within it.

Contributors are Jon W. Anderson, el-Sayed el-Aswad, Simeon Evstatiev, Allen James Fromherz, Harvey E. Goldberg, Gilles Kepel, Mandana Limbert, Simon O’Meara, Abdelrhani Moundib, Muhammad Khalid Masud, Nadav Samin, Susan Slyomovics, Jenny White and Muhammad Qasim Zaman.

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Allen James Fromherz, Ph.D. (2006), is Professor of Middle East, Gulf and Mediterranean History at Georgia State University where he directs the Middle East Studies Center. He is the author of The Almohads, Rise of an Islamic Empire (IB Tauris), Ibn Khaldun, Life and Times (Edinburgh), The Near West (Edinburgh), Qatar, A Modern History (Georgetown) and is editor of The Gulf in World History (Edinburgh, 2018). He is also President of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies AIMS (2015-2021).

Nadav Samin is a historian of the modern Middle East. He is the author of Of Sand or Soil: Genealogy and Tribal Belonging in Saudi Arabia (Princeton), as well as numerous journal articles. He has taught at Dartmouth College, New York University, Hunter College (CUNY), and elsewhere. Mr. Samin received his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University in 2013, and is an Affiliate of the Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore.
Nadav Samin

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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Dale Eickelman on Knowledge, Authority and Change
  Allen James Fromherz


1 An Anthropologist’s “Day in (Rabbinical) Court” in Late Ottoman Tripoli
  Harvey E. Goldberg

2 Islamic Education in Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century India
  Muhammad Qasim Zaman

3 Interpretive Anthropology and Islam in Morocco: A Comparison between Geertz and Eickelman
  Abdelrhani Moundib

4 Out of Sight in Morocco, or How to See the Jinn in the Modern-day Museum
  Simon O’Meara


5 Rethinking New Media in the Public Sphere: Beyond the Freedom Paradox
  Jon W. Anderson

6 New Moroccan Publics: Prisons, Cemeteries and Human Remains
  Susan Slyomovics

7 Rethinking Knowledge and Power Hierarchy in the Muslim World
  el-Sayed el-Aswad

8 Salafism as a Contested Concept
  Simeon Evstatiev


9 Religiosity, Men of Learning, and Oil Wealth in the Land of the Imamate
  Mandana Limbert

10 The Unbearable Lightness of Being Turkish
  Jenny White

11 The Radicalization of Islam in Germany
  Gilles Kepel

12 Madrasas Promoting Social Harmony? Debates over the Role of Madrasa Education in Pakistan
  Muhammad Khalid Masud

 Dale F. Eickelman’s Publications

All interested in the societies, histories and anthropologies of the Islamic World broadly conceived. This volume is relevant to academic libraries, graduate and postgraduate students and educated laymen. Subjects covered include anthropology, history, sociology, North African Studies, Gulf Studies, Central Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.
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