Crisis’ Representations: Frontiers and Identities in the Contemporary Media Narratives


This book constitutes a sociological research on the current “narrations” of the economic and refugee crisis which has mobilized all the aspects of social storytelling during the last decade, most particularly in the European South. Because the different (mass and social) media reflect the dominant ideas and representations, the research on the meaning of different media narratives becomes a necessary report for the understanding of the relation (or “inexistent dialogue”?) between official political discourses and popular myths (based on everyday life values of prosperity, mostly promoted by the mass culture and the cultural industries’ products). Despite the ongoing inequalities and difficulties, the contemporary audiences seem to counterbalance misery by the dreams of happiness, provided by this kind of products.

Contributors include: Christiana Constantopoulou, Amalia Frangiskou, Evangelia Kalerante, Laurence Larochelle, Debora Marcucci, Valentina Marinescu, Albertina Pretto, Maria Thanopoulou, Joanna Tsiganou, Vasilis Vamvakas, and Eleni Zyga.

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Christiana Constantopoulou, PhD (Sorbonne 1990), Professor of Sociology, Panteion University Athens, master degrees on Sociology, Anthropology, Politics, and Communication. She is President of the International Sociological Association (ISA) research committee RC14 on Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture, editor of several international journals, Knight of the Academic Palms (by the French Ministry of Education), Head of EURCECOM, responsible for many international conferences, and was an elected member of the executive board of the International Association of French Speaking Sociologists (AISLF) for 4 mandates (1996-2004 and 2008-2016). She has published many articles and books on the communicational structures of the contemporary societies.
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1 Frontiers and Identities in Contemporary Media Storytelling
Christiana Constantopoulou

2 The Value Image of Europe through Images
Albertina Pretto and Debora Marcucci

3 Social Media and the Institutionalization of Hate Speech in Greek Politics
Vasilis Vamvakas

4 Transnational Soap Operas and Cultural Identity in Times of Change
Dimitra-Laurence Larochelle

5 Narrative Structures and the Export of Meaning: the Case of South Korean Popular Culture’s Reception in Central and Eastern Europe
Valentina Marinescu

6 What Can Be Seen by Breaking “Bad”?
Amalia Frangiskou

7 The Representation of the Current Crisis in the Greek Cinema: Investigating Mnemonic Itineraries and Flashes-Back
Maria Thanopoulou

8 Film Narratives on the Current Economic Crisis: the Case of the French Film “the Law of the Markets”
Joanna Tsiganou

9 Representations of the Crisis within Five Greek Films
Eleni Zyga

10 Developing Educational Discourse on Refugees: from the “Others” to Cinema Meta-language on Refugee Citizens
Evangelia Kalerante and Calliopi Tsantali

Universities and Centres of Research (libraries, students in Social Sciences and Communication), Sociologists and Journalists and any public interested in modern representations and myths given by media and filmic narratives.
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