Yearbook of Ancient Greek Epic

Volume 4


Volume 4 of the Yearbook of Ancient Greek Epic presents five articles on the Iliad and the Odyssey and one on the history of Homeric scholarship. Contributors look to the Ancient Near East, to medieval Japan, and to contemporary conceptual metaphor theory; they explore the interpretations of ancient readers and the contests of modern scholarship. This diverse collection will be of interest to all students and scholars of ancient Greek epic.

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Jonathan L. Ready, Ph.D. (2004), University of California, Berkeley, is Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan. His most recent monograph is Orality, Textuality, and the Homeric Epics: An Interdisciplinary Study of Oral Texts, Dictated Texts, and Wild Texts (2019). Christos C. Tsagalis Ph.D. (1998), Cornell University, is Professor of Greek at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Among his books are From Listeners to Viewers: Space in the Iliad (2012) and Early Greek Epic Fragments I: Genealogical and Antiquarian Epic (2017). Contributors are: Apostalia Alepidou, David F. Driscoll, Lowell Edmunds, Christos C. Tsagalis, Naoka Yamagata, Andreas T. Zanker.

Near Eastern Echoes in Iliad 16.33–35
Apostolia Alepidou

Is Telemachus a “Naturally Gifted Orator”? Odyssey 2.40–79 in Its Rhetorical Contexts
David F. Driscoll

Three Short Essays on Demodocus’s Song of Ares and Aphrodite (Odyssey 8.266–369)
Lowell Edmunds

Suicide in Homer and the Tale of the Heike
Naoko Yamagata

Metaphor in the Speech of Achilles (Iliad 9.308–429)
Andreas T. Zanker

The Homeric Question: A Historical Sketch
Christos C. Tsagalis

Students and scholars of ancient Greek epic
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