Intellectual Property and the Law of Nations, 1860-1920


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What was the state of the law and how states managed to fulfil their international legal obligations under the law of nations with respect to intellectual property protection? 13 contributors show how the transition of intellectual property from private rights holders and their non-state patrons evolves into state lawmaking. The book presents these transitions through international legal perspectives and the history of intellectual property rights in late modern societies in Europe, the United States, Asia and Colonial States in Africa.

Contributors are: Daniel Acquah, Ainee Adam, Louise Duncan, Johanna Gibson, Philip Johnson, Jyh-An Lee, Yangzi Li, P. Sean, Morris, Peter Munkacsi, Zvi Rosen, Devanshi Saxena, Johannes Thumfart, and Esther van Zimmeren.

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P. Sean Morris is a Research Scholar at the Faculty of Law University of Helsinki and an Affiliated Research Fellow at the Erik Castren Institute of International Law and Human Rights, University of Helsinki, Finland. Sean is the editor of two recent volumes on the Advisory Committee of Jurists (ACJ): Transforming the Politics of International Law: The Advisory Committee of Jurists and the Formation of the World Court in the League of Nations (Routledge, 2021); The League of Nations and the Development of International Law: A New Intellectual History of the Advisory Committee of Jurists (Routledge, 2021).
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Framing the Law of Nations in Intellectual Property in the Nineteenth Century
P. Sean Morris

Part 1: Industrial Innovation in History and Conflicts

1 The Key Historical Influences Leading to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property of 1883
Louise J. Duncan

2 Challenging the Normative Impact of Technological Innovation
 From the Norm Development Process of the Paris Convention to Global Patent Justice
Johannes Thumfart

3 Innovation Diplomacy
 International Exhibitions and the Rise of Innovation in the Law of Nations
P. Sean Morris

4 Mr Patent Goes to War!
 Industrial Property and the Breakdown of the International Order during World War I
Phillip Johnson

Part 2: Film and Regal Approaches to Copyright

5 Stuck in a Waltz
 The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Its Imperial Approach to the Berne Convention
Péter Munkácsi

6 The Man behind the Curtain
 Developing Film’s Double Exposure of Intellectual Property
Johanna Gibson

7 The Untold Story of the First Copyright Statute of China
 Exploring the 1910 Copyright Code of the Great Qing Dynasty
Jyh-An Lee and Yangzi Li

Part 3: Trademarks, Terroir and the Colonies

8 The Crystallization of International Norms
 A Case Study on Diffusion of Trademark Norms in Early-20th Century China
Ainee Adam

9 The Unusual Extension of Imperial Intellectual Property Laws to Colonies in Africa
Daniel Opoku Acquah

10 Early American Federal Trademark Law and the Law of Nations
Zvi S. Rosen

11 The Transforming Face of Terroir
 Unde Venis Geographical Indications?
Devanshi Saxena and Esther van Zimmeren

This book will be of interests to scholars of history of international law; legal historians, general historians and intellectual property scholars. The book is also a useful reading list material for students conducting research in global history or international economic law.
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