Richard Pococke’s Letters from the East (1737-1740)


In Richard Pococke’s Letters from the East (1737-1740), Rachel Finnegan provides edited transcripts of the full run of correspondence from Richard Pococke’s famous eastern voyage from 1737-41. In this new volume, Finnegan combines updated biographical accounts of the traveller and his correspondents (his mother, Elizabeth Pococke and his uncle and patron, Bishop Thomas Milles) from vol. 1 of the original edition of Letters from Abroad (2011) with transcriptions of the letters from vol. 3 of the series (2013), together with new material that has hitherto been unpublished. Thus, in a single volume, she sets the context of the life and times of the traveller and his family against the background of this voluminous corpus of fascinating correspondence, which can be read in conjunction with Pococke’s own published account of his travels, A Description of the East and Some Other Countries (1743-45).

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Rachel Finnegan, PhD. (1991), National University of Ireland, is a freelance academic editor. She has published widely on Richard Pococke, including an edition of his travel correspondence in 3 vols (2011-2013) and English Explorers in the East (1738-1745): The Travels of Thomas Shaw, Charles Perry and Richard Pococke (Brill, 2019).

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1 Introduction
2 Biographical Accounts of the Pococke and Milles Families
3 Itinerary of the Eastern Voyage
4 Letters from Egypt
5 Accounts from Egypt
6 Letters from the Holy Land, Lebanon and Syria
7 Accounts from the Holy Land, Lebanon and Syria
8 Letters from the Second Tour of Egypt, and from Turkey, Asia Minor and Greece
9 Accounts from Cyprus and from the Second Tour of Egypt
10 Conclusion

Appendix. List of Grand Tour Letters and Accounts Reproduced in This Volume
Index of Selected People & Places
All interested in the links between the Ottoman Empire and the west during the eighteenth century, and anyone concerned with travel writing of the period, especially regarding the Grand Tour.
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