English Language Education in Rural Contexts

Theory, Research, and Practices


Reaching out into the rural English teaching and learning environment led to compiling these chapters that exemplify the possibilities and achievements of teachers worldwide. Often with overly large classes, isolation, and few resources, English instruction leads to extrinsic success for their students with future educational, professional, and economic outcomes. In other instances, the fruits of teachers’ labor become intrinsic motivators for learners who value learning and critical thinking. English in the international curriculum has perceived value for developing human and social capital, as indicated in these authors’ personal and professional journeys.

This volume was originally begun by Paul Chamness Iida, who sadly passed away in June 2021. The editors have done their best to complete this project as he envisioned and share this work in his honor.

Contributors are: Mary Frances Agnello, Md. Al Amin, Naoko Araki, Monica A. Baker, Xingtan Cao, Mary Coady, Florent Domenach, Lee E. Friederich, Arely Romero García, Maribel Villegas Greene, Janinka Greenwood, Dongni Guo, Paul Chamness Iida (deceased), Irham Irham, Munchuree Kaosayapandhu, Wuri P. Kusumastuti, Di Liang, Carla Meskill, Erin Mikulec, Piotr Romanowski, Leticia Araceli Salas Serrano, Fang Wang, Emilia Wąsikiewicz-Firlej, Jing Yixuan, Jing Zhiyuan and Dai Chang Zhi.

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Paul Chamness Iida, Ph.D., was a Professor of English for Academic Purposes at Akita International University in Akita, Japan. He received his Ph.D. from Purdue University. Dr. Iida’s research interests included critical language studies, LGBTQ+ studies, and teacher education.

Erin Mikulec, Ph.D., is a Professor at Illinois State University. She was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Helsinki in Finland and has taught English in Japan, Panama, and Vietnam. Her research interests include teacher education and international education.

Mary Frances Agnello, Ph.D., is a Professor at Akita International University. She has researched and published topics surrounding political components of the literacy, language, and culture curricula recently under severe scrutiny in public schools and proposed critical and feminist literacy strategies to promote diverse student and educator success.
Maria Coady
Erin Mikulec
In Memoriam: Paul Chamness Iida—Scholar and Renaissance Man
Mary Frances Agnello
About the Cover
List of Figures and Tables
Notes on Contributors

Erin Mikulec and Mary Frances Agnello

1 Training for Bilingual Programs: An Examination of Teachers’ Perceived Needs in Rural Poland
Piotr Romanowski and Emilia Wąsikiewicz-Firlej

2 Rural Primary English Education in Thailand: Policy, Structure, Practice, and Prospects for Reform
Munchuree Kaosayapandhu

3 Voices of Multilingual Immigrant Women in a Rural New York Community
Monica A. Baker

4 A Day in the Life of an English Teacher: Narratives from English Language Teachers in a Rural Primary School in China
Di Liang and Xingtan Cao

5 First-Generation Somali Student Success in a Rural Two-Year College in the Upper Midwest of the United States
Lee E. Friederich

6 The Reality of English Language Teaching and Learning at Rural Telesecundarias in Mexico
Arely Romero García and Leticia Araceli Salas Serrano

7 Preparing English Language Teachers for Rural Education: Pedagogically Creative Responses to Online Language Teaching in China and Indonesia
Carla Meskill, Wuri P. Kusumastuti, Dongni Guo and Fang Wang

8 The Imposition of Silence: An Examination of the Impact of the Urban-Rural Divide in English Language Teaching in Bangladesh
Md. Al Amin and Janinka Greenwood

9 Georgia’s Bilingual Education and Impact on Rural Latino Dual Language Learners
Maribel Villegas Greene

10 “They Never Had a School Trip”: English Education at a Rural Secondary School in Northwestern China
Jing Yixuan, Dai Changzhi and Jing Zhiyuan

11 English Language Teaching in Bilingual Pesantren in Indonesia: From Native Speakerisms to Transformative Mediocrity
Irham Irham

12 Disrupting Discipline Based Learning: Integrating English and Programming Education
Florent Domenach, Naoko Araki and Mary Frances Agnello

This book will interest those who practice and research English language pedagogy. The work presented here will also be useful to those who train teachers, especially those in rural areas.
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