Supplementum Grammaticum Graecum 4

Timachidas Rhodius


We learn from ancient sources that the grammarian Timachidas of Lindos (Rhodes; 2nd/1st century BCE) dealt with linguistic issues (glōssai, Dinner Party) and commented on poetic works of Classical (Euripides’ Medea, Aristophanes’ Frogs) and early Hellenistic period (Menander’s Kolax, Eratosthenes’ Hermes). The attractive hypothesis of identifying him with the Timachidas who compiled the Lindian Chronicle (99 BCE) is deeply discussed — and cautiously dismissed — by Ivan Matijašić in this volume, in the framework of his introduction to, critical edition and English translation of, and commentary on the above-mentioned grammatical fragments, with extensive bibliography and indexes.

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Ivan Matijašić is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at Newcastle University. His scientific interests include ancient Greek historiography, geography, and epigraphy, Late Antiquity, and the history of classical scholarship. He has published the book Shaping the Canons of Ancient Greek Historiography: Imitation, Classicism, and Literary Criticism (2018).
Students and scholars in the field of classics, who are interested in ancient, particularly Greek, learned culture and scholarship as well as in the written transmission and reception of ancient Greek literature.
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