Early Modern Universities

Networks of Higher Learning


Early Modern Universities: Networks of Higher Education publishes twenty essays on early modern institutional academic networks and the history of the book. The case studies examine universities, schools, and academies across a wide geographical range throughout Europe, and in Central America. The volume suggests pathways for future research into institutional hierarchies, cultural ties, and how networks of policy makers were embedded in complex scholarly and scientific developments. Topics include institutions and political entanglements; locality and mobility, especially the movement of scholars and scholarship between institutions; communication, collaboration, and the circulation of academic knowledge. The essays use studies of print and book cultures to provide insights into cooperative interregional markets, travel and trade.

Contributors: Laurence Brockliss, Liam Chambers, Liam Chambers, Peter Davidson, Mordechai Feingold, Alette Fleischer, Willem Frijhoff, Anja- Silvia Goeing, Martina Hacke, Michael Hunter, Urs B. Leu, David A. Lines, Ian Maclean, Thomas O’Connor, Glyn Parry, Yarí Pérez Marín, Elizabeth Sandis, Andreas Sohn, Jane Stevenson, Iolanda Ventura, and Benjamin Wardhaugh.

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Anja-Silvia Goeing is Professor at the University of Zurich and Associate Professor of History at Harvard. She authored Storing, Archiving, Organizing: The Changing Dynamics of Scholarly Information Management in Post-Reformation Zurich (Brill, 2017) and co-edited Information: A Historical Companion (Princeton UP, 2020).

Glyn Parry is Professor at the University of Roehampton, London. He published The Arch-Conjuror of England: John Dee (Yale UP, 2012) and (with Dr Cathryn Enis) Shakespeare Before Shakespeare: Stratford, Warwickshire and the Elizabethan State (Oxford UP, 2020).

Mordechai Feingold is the Van Nuys Page Professor of History at Caltech. He is the editor of the journals Erudition and the Republic of Letters (Brill) and History of Universities (Oxford). He is the author of a number of books, including The Mathematicians’ Apprenticeship: Science, Universities and Society in England, 1560–1640 (1984); The Newtonian Moment: Isaac Newton and the Making of Modern Culture (2004); and The Institutionalization of Science in Early Modern Europe (2019), co-edited with Giulia Giannini.
Editors’ Preface
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Notes on Contributors

Anja-Silvia Goeing, Glyn Parry, and Mordechai Feingold

The Political Entanglement of Institutions

1 Colleges and the University of Paris, Professors and Students, Religion and Politics: Some Remarks on the History of Europe in the Late Middle Ages (Thirteenth to Fifteenth Centuries)
  Andreas Sohn

2 Structures and Networks of Learning in Early Modern Bologna
  David A. Lines

3 Church and State: Sixteenth Century Higher Education in Zurich and Its Ties to the City-State Government
  Anja-Silvia Goeing

4 The Beginnings of the German Academia Naturae Curiosorum (1652–1687) and the Character of German Intellectual Life
  Ian Maclean

5 The Academy, the University and Cultural Warfare: The Case of Thomas Digges (1546–1595)
  Glyn Parry

Locality and Mobility: Institutions, the Migration of Scholars, and Scholarships

6 Domestic Academies
  Jane Stevenson

7 The Circulation of Knowledge in Early Colonial New Spain: A Plural Landscape
  Yarí Pérez Marín

8 A Multifaceted Educational Landscape: The Dutch and Their Schools in and outside the Dutch Republic
  Willem Frijhoff

9 Schemes for Students’ Mobility in Protestant Switzerland during the Sixteenth Century
  Karine Crousaz

10 Domestic Grammar Schools and Overseas Colleges in the Formation of Irish Catholic Clergy (1560–1620)
  Thomas O’Connor

11 The Importance of Location: The Eighteenth-Century University and the Intellectual Rendez-Vous
  Laurence Brockliss

PART 3 Communication, Collaboration, and the Circulation of Academic Knowledge

12 Performing Networks and Relationships on Stage at the Early Modern Universities: Theater and Ritual at Oxford, Cambridge, and the Inns of Court
  Elizabeth Sandis

13 Defacing Euclid: Reading and Annotating the Elements of Geometry in Early Modern Britain
  Benjamin Wardhaugh

14 Archibald Pitcairne
Heterodoxy and Its Milieu in Late Seventeenth- and Early Eighteenth-Century Edinburgh
  Michael Hunter

15 The Collections of the University of Aberdeen, 1495–1807: Centers and Peripheries, Networks and Culture
  Peter Davidson and Jane Stevenson

Cooperative Interregional Worlds: Production, Markets, Travel and Trade

16 The Messengers of the Nations of the University of Paris and the Book Trade (Late Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries)
  Martina Hacke

17 The Cooperation between Professors and Printers in Basel and Zurich during the Early Modern Period
  Urs B. Leu

18 Typologies and Pharmaceutical Markets: The Reception of Pseudo-Mesue’s Schriftencorpus in Print
  Iolanda Ventura

19 Traveling Salesmen or Scholarly Travelers?: Early Modern Botanists on the Move Marketing Their Knowledge of Nature
  Alette Fleischer

20 “Abroad Colleges,” Print Culture, and Book Collections: The Irish Colleges, Paris, 1676–1794
  Liam Chambers

Bibliography of Secondary Literature

Scholars and postgraduate students seeking new approaches to the history of early modern higher learning through a deeper appreciation of its political, intellectual, cultural and religious context.
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