From the Greeks to the Arabs and Beyond (Set)

Volume I: Graeco-Syriaca and Arabica / Volume II: Islamic Philosophy / Volume III: From God´s Wisdom to Science: A. Islamic Theology and Sufism, B. History of Science / Volume IV: Islam, Europe and Beyond: A. Islam and the Middle Ages. B. Manuscripts, a B

From the Greeks to the Arabs and Beyond written by Hans Daiber, is a six volume collection of Daiber’s scattered writings, journal articles, essays and encyclopaedia entries on Greek-Syriac-Arabic translations, Islamic theology and Sufism, the history of science, Islam in Europe, manuscripts and the history of oriental studies. The collection contains published (since 1967) and unpublished works in English, German, Arabic, Persian and Turkish, including editions of Arabic and Syriac texts. The publication mirrors the intercultural character of Islamic thought and sheds new light on many aspects ranging from the Greek pre-Socratics to the Malaysian philosopher Naquib al-Attas. A main concern is the interpretation of texts in print or in manuscripts, culminating in two catalogues (Vol. V and VI), which contain descriptions of newly discovered, mainly Arabic, manuscripts in all fields.
Vol. I: Graeco-Syriaca and Arabica.
Vol. II: Islamic Philosophy.
Vol. III: From God’s Wisdom to Science: A. Islamic Theology and Sufism; B. History of Science.
Vol. IV: Islam, Europe and Beyond: A. Islam and Middle Ages; B. Manuscripts – a Basis of Knowledge and Science; C. History of the Discipline; D. Obituaries; E. Indexes.
Vol. V: Unknown Arabic Manuscripts from Eight Centuries – Including one Hebrew and Two Ethiopian Manuscripts: Daiber Collection III.
Vol. VI: Arabic, Syriac, Persian and Latin Manuscripts on Philosophy, Theology, Science and Literature. Films and Offprints: Daiber Collection IV.

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Prof. Dr. Hans Daiber (born 1942), PhD (1968), was Professor of Arabic and Islam at the Free University Amsterdam (1977-95), of oriental languages at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M. (1995-2010) until his retirement. He published a.o. Aetius Arabus (Steiner 1980), Bibliography of Islamic Philosophy (3 vols., Brill 1999; 2007) and Islamic Thought in the Dialogue of Cultures. A Historical and Bibliographical Survey (Brill 2012).
List of Publications


1 Semitische Sprachen als Kulturvermittler zwischen Antike und Mittelalter
Stand und Aufgaben der Forschung

2 The Syriac Tradition in the Early Islamic Era

3 Hellenistisch-kaiserzeitliche Doxographie und philosophischer Synkretismus in islamischer Zeit

4 Democritus in Arabic and Syriac Tradition

5 Aetius

6 Masāʾil wa-Aǧwiba

7 Ein bisher unbekannter pseudoplatonischer Text über die Tugenden der Seele in arabischer Überlieferung

8 Die Aristotelesrezeption in der syrischen Literatur

9 Nestorians of 9th Century Iraq as a Source of Greek, Syriac and Arabic
A Survey of Some Unexploited Sources

10 Ein Kompendium der aristotelischen Meteorologie in der Fassung des Ḥunayn Ibn Isḥāq

11 A Survey of Theophrastean Texts and Ideas in Arabic
Some New Material

12 The Meteorology of Theophrastus in Syriac and Arabic Translation

13 Ein vergessener syrischer Text
Bar Zoʿbī, Über die Teile der Philosophie

14 Salient Trends of the Arabic Aristotle

15 Der Aristoteleskommentator Alexander von Aphrodisias (2./3. Jh. n. Chr.) und der samaritanische gelehrte Levi über die Ewigkeit der Welt
Der Bericht des Abū l-Fatḥ as-Sāmirī (8./14. Jh.) über ein Streitgespräch vor dem römischen Kaiser Commodus

16 Graeco-Arabica Christiana
The Christian Scholar ʿAbd Allāh Ibn al-Faḍl from Antiochia (11th c. AD) as Transmitter of Greek Works

17 Possible Echoes of De mundo in the Arabic-Islamic World
Christian, Islamic, and Jewish Thinkers

18 A Christian Arabic Meteorological Treatise Attributed to ʿAbd Allāh Ibn al-Faḍl (11th c. AD) or to Bonaventura de Lude (17th c. AD)
Its Greek, Arabic, and Latin Sources: Prolegomena to a Critical Edition

19 Neuplatonische Pythagorica in arabischem Gewande: Der Kommentar des Iamblichus zu den Carmina aurea
Ein verlorener griechischer Text in arabischer Überlieferung

20 Pythagoras and Pythagoreanism
Pythagoras in Arabic-Jewish Transmission


21 Franz Rosenthal, Das Fortleben der Antike im Islam (1965)

22 Nicholas Rescher, Temporal Modalities in Arabic Logic (1967)

23 Nicholas Rescher, Galen and the Syllogism (1966)

24 Francis Edward Peters, Aristoteles Arabus (1968)

25 Lucien, Dialogues des morts et Menippe. Traduction arabe avec introduction et notes par Elias Saad Ghali (1967)

26 Ursula Weisser, Das “Buch über das Geheimnis der Schöpfung” von Pseudo-Apollonius von Tyana (1980)

27 William Francis Ryan and Charles B. Schmitt (eds.), Pseudo-Aristotle, The Secret of Secrets. Sources and Influences (1982)

28 Neil Linley (ed., transl.), Ibn aṭ-Ṭayyib, Proclus’ Commentary on the Pythagorean Golden Verses (1984)

29 Richard Goulet (ed.), Dictionnaire des philosophes antiques. (Aba(m)mon à Axiothéa) (1989)

30 Giorgio Levi Della Vida, Pitagora, Bardesane e altri studi siriaci (1989)

31 Dimitri Gutas, Greek Thought, Arabic Culture (1998)

32 Manfred Ullmann, Wörterbuch zu den griechisch-arabischen Übersetzungen des 9. Jahrhunderts (2002)

33 Manfred Ullmann, Wörterbuch zu den griechisch-arabischen Übersetzungen des 9. Jahrhunderts. Supplement. I.II. (2006; 2007)

34 Peter Bruns (ed.), Von Athen nach Bagdad (2003)

Classicists, orientalists, historians of Islamic theology, philosophy, science and literature, medievalists.
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