Chinese Religions Going Global


As China is being increasingly integrated into the global economy, more and more Chinese people live transnational lives and practice religion globally. So far scholarship of the relationship between religion and globalization in the Chinese religious field has primarily been set in the historical context of the encounter between Western Christian missionaries and local Chinese agents, and little is known about a global Chinese religious field that is in the making. The Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion volume 11: Chinese Religions Going Global seeks to challenge the dichotomous ordering of the western global and the Chinese local, and to add a new perspective for understanding religious modernity globally. Contributors from four continents who represent a range of specialisms apply social scientific methods in order to systematically research the globalization of Chinese religions.

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Nanlai Cao, Ph.D. (2008) from The Australian National University, trained as social anthropologist, is Professor in the School of Philosophy and Institute of Buddhism and Religious Theory at Renmin University of China. He is the author of Constructing China’s Jerusalem: Christians, Power, and Place in Contemporary Wenzhou (Stanford University Press 2010) and co-editor of Religion and Mobility in a Globalizing Asia: New Ethnographic Explorations (Routledge 2014). He currently serves on the editorial board of Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review (Oxford University Press).

Fenggang Yang, Ph.D. (1997) from the Catholic University of America, is Professor of Sociology and Founding Director of the Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University. He is the author of the Atlas of Religion in China: Social and Geographical Contexts (Brill, 2018) and Editor-in-Chief of Review of Religion and Chinese Society (Brill). He was the president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (2014-15).

Giuseppe Giordan, Ph.D. (2002), is Professor of Sociology at the University of Padova. He is co-editor of the Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion (Brill). His sociological research focuses on the interaction between religion and spirituality, religious and cultural pluralism, and religions and human rights.

Contributors are Jacqueline Armijo, Fabio Berti, Nikolas Broy, Nanlai Cao, Shaojin Chai, Marco Guglielmi, Jie Kang, Thoralf Klein, Xinan Li, Jifeng Liu, Line Nyhagen, Utiraruto Otehode, Valentina Pedone, Benjamin Penny, Anna Sun, Jonathan Tam, Grazia Ting Deng, Yuting Wang, Chris White, Hung-Jen Yang.
"This nicely edited publication is a most welcome addition to the literature on immigrant Chinese religions. It helps to complement previous research on Chinese religions in the global North that have thus far mainly focused on North America." - Ugo Dessì, University of Vienna, in: Chinese Religions going Global Volume 11, 2021
Both experienced researchers and new students in contemporary China studies, Asian studies, and social scientific studies of religion.
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