Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 31

A Diversity of Paradigms


Volume 31 of Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, A Diversity of Paradigms, showcases two approaches to the socio-scientific study of religion. It includes a special section within which authors draw on data collected about congregational life in the Australian National Church Life Surveys (from 1991 to present). These studies give voice to minority groups and children. While findings include the strengths of ethnic diversity and the positive experiences of young churchgoers, they also highlight that full inclusion in local church life is far from being realized. A second section explores the application of feminist approaches within the sociology of religion. In their struggle for equality for women, feminist scholars developed methodologies to challenge the marginality of any ‘othered’ group. This section showcases how use of these methods challenges hierarchies within knowledge.

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Ralph W. Hood, Jr., Ph.D. (1968), University of Nevada, Reno, is Professor of Psychology, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. A former president of Division 36 of the APA, he is author of numerous books in the psychology of religion.
Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor, Ph.D., 2010, University of Gloucestershire, is a Feminist Sociologist of Religion. She is Assistant Professor and Research Group Lead for Faith and Peaceful Relations at CTPSR, Coventry University, UK. Her research interests include British Islam, inter-religious relations, digital religion and feminism.
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Notes on Contributors

Special Section 1: Unsolicited Articles

1 Islamic Philosophical Sociology, Based on the Viewpoints of ʿAllāma S. Muḥammad Ḥusayn Ṭabāṭabāʾī
Mohammad Pakdin Asl

2 Re-enchantment, Markets, and the Post-secular Self: Spirituality after Spiritualities
Raymond Lee

3 Mahatma Gandhi, Neoliberalism, and the Bourgeois Study of Spirituality
Thomas Lindgren and Hannes Sonnenschein

4 Religious Conversion: A Study of Identity and Integration of Reverts into Muslim Community
Morteza Rahmati, Masoud Azarbabayejani, Mohammad Jahangirzad and Kazem Tabatabae

5 Factor Analysis of the Mystical Scale in Yi Ethnic Group: Indigenous Psychologies and Universalism
Zhengjia Ren

6 The Changing Psychological Type Profile and Psychological Temperament of Church of England Clergy
Leslie J. Francis, Andrew Village and David Voas

Special Section 2: Ethnic Diversity as Key Factors for Australian Churches

7 Introduction: Ethnic Diversity and Young Churchgoers as Key Factors for Australian Churches
Ruth Powell

8 Ethnic Diversity and Congregational Vitality in Australia
Ruth Powell and Miriam Pepper

9 Participation and Engagement in Catholic Parish Life in Australia: Examining the Impact and Importance of Cultural and Linguistic Factors
Tracy McEwan, Sam Sterland and Kathleen McPhillips

10 Bonding and Bridging among First Generation Asian Migrants in Catholic Churches in Australia
Andrew Village, Miriam Pepper and Ruth Powell

11 Ethnic Diversity and Leadership Roles among Australian Protestant Churchgoers in Mono-Ethnic and Multi-Ethnic Congregations
Oneya Okuwobi, Ruth Powell and Nicole Ward

12 A Study of Cultural Empathy and Attitude toward Diversity: The Case of Australian Church Attenders
Lily A. Arasaratnam-Smith, Miriam Pepper, Ruth Powell and Nicole Ward

13 Personal and Societal Factors on Prejudice against Aboriginal People, Immigrants, Racial Minorities, and Refugees among Churchgoers in Australia
Helena Chui, Luisa Batalha, Savanti Amaratunga and Miriam Pepper

14 The Internal Consistency Reliability and Construct Validity of the Francis Scale of Attitude toward Christianity (Modified Short-Form) Among 8- to 14-year-old Churchgoers in Australia
Leslie J. Francis, Ursula McKenna and Ruth Powell

15 Religion and Personal Happiness Among Young Churchgoers in Australia: The Importance of the Affective Dimension
Leslie J. Francis, Ursula McKenna and Ruth Powell

16 Ecclesia domestica and the Role of the Home in Sustaining Churchgoing among Catholics: An Empirical Enquiry among 8- to 14-year-olds in Australia
Leslie J. Francis, Ursula McKenna and Ruth Powell

Feminist Approaches within the Sociology of Religion
17 Introduction: Feminist Approaches within the Sociology of Religion
Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor

18 Stories Untold: Revisiting Muslim Women’s Heritage with the Everyday Muslim Heritage Organization
Merve Kayikci

19 Being Married to a Non-Muslim Husband: Religious Identity in Muslim Women’s Interfaith Marriage
Ayse Elmali-Karakaya

20 “I just call mesel’ a heathen”: Catholic Identity and Magdalene Survivors
Chloe K. Gott

21 Gender in the Making of Pious Subjectivity
Hale Inanoglu

22 Victims or Agents? A Feminist Reading of Lived Experiences of Buddhist Nuns in Myanmar
Sneha Roy

23 Project Rahab: Pastoral Power, Pentecostal Conversion and the Disciplining of Femininity and Race in Cases of Domestic Abuse
Kim Beecheno

24 The Ambivalent Relationship of LGBT Catholics with the Church
Angele Deguara

Academics interested in religion and race, ethnicity, culture and migration or religious socialisation. Researchers in congregational studies. Church practitioners interested in healthy churches, ethnic diversity and faith formation among young people.
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