Multilingualism and Ageing

An Overview

Multilingualism and Ageing provides an overview of research on a large range of topics relating to language processing and language use from a life-span perspective. It is unique in covering and combining psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic approaches, discussing questions such as: Is it beneficial to speak more than one language when growing old? How are languages processed in multilingual persons, and how does this change over time? What happens to language and communication in multilingual aphasia or dementia? How is multilingual ageing portrayed in the media?
Multilingualism and Ageing is a joint, cross-disciplinary venture of researchers from the Centre for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan at The University of Oslo and the editors of this publication.

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Kees de Bot, Ph.D. (1982), University of Leiden, is Professor at the University of Pannonia and Professor Emeritus at Universities of Groningen and Leiden. He has published several books as well as articles in the main international journals in applied linguistics. He has an H-index of 55.

Charlotta Plejert, Ph.D. (2004), Linköping University, is Associate Professor of Language and Culture at that university. She has published on language and interaction in communicative impairments, and is co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders (

Hanne Gram Simonsen, Ph.D. (1990), University of Oslo, is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the MultiLing Center of Multilingualism across the Lifespan, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies at that university. Her publications cover language development from childhood to old age, including clinical linguistics.
Multilingualism and Ageing
An Overview
Kees de Bot, Charlotta Plejert and Hanne Gram Simonsen

 1 Introduction
 2 Theories of Multilingualism and Ageing
 3 Methods in the Study of Multilingualism and Ageing
 4 Psycholinguistic Aspects of Multilingualism and Ageing
 5 Cognitive Effects of Multilingualism
 6 Sociolinguistic Aspects of Multilingualism and Ageing
 7 Multilingualism and Neurological Disorders in Elderly People
 8 Perspectives on Multilingualism and Ageing
All interested in the relationship between multilingualism, ageing, language processing and use; students, practitioners, researchers.
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