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Aramaic, South Arabian, Coptic, Arabic and Judeo-Arabic Documents


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The renaissance of Arabic Papyrology has become obvious by the founding of the International Society for Arabic Papyrology (ISAP) at the Cairo conference (2002), and by its subsequent conferences in Granada (2004), Alexandria (2006), Vienna (2009), Tunis/Carthage (2012), Munich (2014), and Berlin (2018). This volume collects papers given at the Munich conference, including editions of previously unpublished Coptic, Arabic and Judeo-Arabic documents, as well as historical studies based on documentary evidence from Achaemenid Bactria, Ancient South-Arabia, and Early Islamic, Fāṭimid and Mamlūk Egypt.

Contributors: Anne Boud'hors; Ursula Bsees; Peter T. Daniels; Maher A. Eissa; Andreas Kaplony; W. Matt Malczycki; Craig Perry; Daniel Potthast; Peter Stein; Naïm Vanthieghem; Oded Zinger 

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Andreas Kaplony, Ph.D (1994), Habilitation (2001) is Chair of Arabic and Islamic Studies at LMU München. He has published widely on Arabic-Islamic history, including The Ḥaram of Jerusalem (2002), The Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road (2008, ed. with Philippe Foret), and Qurʾān Quotations Preserved on Papyrus Documents, 7th-10th Centuries (2019, ed. with Michael Marx).

Daniel Potthast, Ph.D (2011) does research in Arabic and Islamic Studies. His main interest lies in the history of Muslim-Christian contacts in the Middle Ages. Besides several papers on Arabic epistolography, practices of diplomatic exchange between Arabic and Latin empires in the fourteenth century, and translations from Arabic into Latin, he has published Christen und Muslime im Andalus: Andalusische Christen und ihre Literatur nach religionspolemischen Texten des zehnten bis zwölften Jahrhunderts (2013).
Potential readers include all interested in the social and economic history of Early Islamic, Fāṭimid and Mamlūk Egypt as well as Achaemenid Bactria and Old South Arabia, in Coptic, Arabic and Judeo-Arabic documents, Hadīth Studies and Arabic Administrative Handbooks.
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