Persian Literature, A Bio-Bibliographical Survey

Volume III: Lexicography; Grammar; Prosody, and Poetics; Rhetoric, Riddles, and Chronograms; Ornate Prose; Proverbs: Tales


C.A. Storey’s Persian Literature: A Bio-Bibliographical Survey is the most authoritative reference work on the Persian written tradition, offering the names of authors and the titles of those of their works that have survived in the Persian language. Storey’s work is for the Persian manuscript tradition what Brockelmann’s is for the Arab world.

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Charles Ambrose Storey (1888-1968) was appointed Professor of Arabic at the Anglo-Mohammedan Oriental College (now the Muslim University) of Aligarh, India, in 1914, and accepted Sir Thomas Adams Professorship of Arabic at Cambridge University in 1933.
Anyone interested in Persian and Iranian studies, and in Middle East studies in general.
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