A Life of Scholarship with Santayana

Essays and Reflections


An entire lifetime’s work by Herman J. Saatkamp is collected here in A Life of Scholarship with Santayana: Essays and Reflections. From the first essay, published in 1972, to the latest, in 2017, almost fifty years of scholarship is given a fresh embodiment of expression. Saatkamp is considered by many to be the world’s foremost authority on George Santayana’s life and thought.

Not only does this volume bring into clear relief Saatkamp’s understanding of Santayana, the editing process, and genetic concerns and the future of philosophy, but it also betrays a lucid and humane understanding that aptly personifies a life spent in reflection, a discerning sense of appreciation, and an affirmation of life and learning.

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Herman J. Saatkamp Jr. received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and went on to hold various positions at University of Tampa (Dana Professor of Philosophy) and Texas A&M University College Station (Indianapolis), and as President of Stockton University. He has edited forty-eight books and written over forty articles.

Charles Padrón is a scholar in Gran Canaria, Spain. He has written and published widely on Santayana, and serves on the boards of the Berlin Practical Philosophy International Forum, e.V., Overheard in Seville, and Limbo (Spain).

Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński is Professor at the University of Opole, Poland. He co-founded the Berlin Practical Philosophy International Forum, e.V., co-organized thirteen editions of the American and European Values conference series, and has also authored books on American philosophy.
Editors’ Introduction

Santayana and Philosophy

1 Animal Faith

2 Some Remarks on Santayana’s Skepticism

3 Naturalism: Santayana and Strawson
 1 Introduction
 2 Scepticism and Animal Faith and Skepticism and Naturalism
 3 Strawson’s General Approach
 4 Inescapable Beliefs: Strawson and Santayana
 5 Perception and Morality: Strawson and Santayana
 6 Morality
 7 Conclusion

4 Hermes the Interpreter
 1 Santayana: Pilgrim or Traveler
 2 The Development of Santayana’s Materialism
 3 Santayana the Traveler
 4 Conclusion

5 Fiction, Philosophy, and Autobiography: Santayana’s Persons and Places
 1 Outline of the Life of Santayana
 2 Fictionalized Accounts of Santayana’s Life
 3 Autobiography and the Development of Santayana’s Philosophy
 4 Epilogue

6 Santayana: The Popular Stranger
 1 Film of Santayana from Al Feuer
 2 The Stranger
 3 Rebirth of Santayana Studies
 4 Santayana: An International Figure
 5 Naturalism

7 Festive Celebration of Life as One of Santayana’s Prime Values
A Comment on Morris Grossman’s Presentation of Santayana’s Ultimate
 1 Ultimate
 2 Spinoza
 3 Reason
 4 Complete Naturalist and a Complete Humanist

8 “Introduction” to the Birth of Reason and Other Essays
 1 Santayana’s Life
 2 Fin de Siècle Hispanic-American
 3 The Pursuit of Wisdom: Festive Naturalism
 4 The Birth of Reason

9 Santayana: Hispanic-American, Cosmopolitan Philosopher, and World-Citizen
 1 Santayana’s Hispanic Individualism
 2 Cosmopolitanism

10 Santayana: Culture and Creativity
 1 Culture and the Individual
 2 Naturalism and the Individual
 3 What is the Fate of Human Life?
 4 How Is Such a View Relevant for Our Current Time?

Challenges in Editorship and Assorted Pieces

Introduction to Part 2

11 Final Intentions, Social Context, and Santayana’s Autobiography
 1 Final Intentions and Social Context
 2 Santayana’s Intentions and the Textual History of His Autobiography
 3 Final Intentions and Santayana’s Autobiography

12 The Santayana Edition, Philosophical Texts and Principles: Corps-text vs. Copy-text
 1 Corps-text vs. Copy-text
 2 Copy-text (Core-text)
 3 Corps-text
 4 Conclusion

13 The Editor and Technology
 1 Practices
 2 Conceptual Changes

14 Private Rights vs. Public Needs
 1 Scene One
 2 Scene Two
 3 Personal Rights and Scholarly Editing
 4 Individual Rights
 5 Public Needs

15 A Book Review of Henry Samuel Levinson’s Santayana: Pragmatism and the Spiritual Life

16 An Interview with Herman J. Saatkamp, Jr.

17 The Delight of the Critical Edition of Reason in Society
 1 Two Inquiries
 2 Conclusion

Genetic Concerns and the Future of Philosophy

Introduction to Part 3

18 Genetics and Pragmatism
 1 The New Genetics
 2 Pragmatism and Genetic Explanations
 3 Pragmatism and Parents
 4 Pragmatism and Social Policy
 5 The Limitations of Pragmatism

19 Genotypes, Phenotypes, and Complex Human Behavior Including Scholarly Editing
 1 Editing: The Basis of Life
 2 Simplicity: Genotype Causes Phenotype
 3 Complexity: Social and Environmental Influences
 4 Santayana’s Festive Naturalism

20 Teaching Ethical Issues in Genetics
Assessment of the Development of Moral Reasoning Skill
 1 Introduction
 2 Methods
 3 Results
 4 Discussion
 5 Conclusion

21 Introduction to the Vanderbilt Library of American Philosophy
 1 Rorty and Pragmatism
 2 Rorty and Dewey
 3 Rorty and the Future of Philosophy
 4 Rorty’s Responses to His Critics

22 Is Animal Faith the End of Philosophy?
 1 A Tribute to John Lachs
 2 Structure of Scepticism and Animal Faith
 3 Santayana’s Notion of Reason
 4 Santayana’s Life of Reason
 4 Complexity and the Role of Philosophy

23 We Walk Back in Time to Go Forward

Appendix 1 Multiculturalism as Plurality of Perfections
    Saatkamp’s Interpretation of Santayana
Appendix 2 Santayana’s Delight in Living
    A Response to Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński

To scholars of American, Spanish, and European philosophy and culture, and to those interested in the history of scholarship and the book, and generalists in genetic concerns.
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