Issues and Alternatives in Comparative Social Research


Editor: Ragin

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Charles C. Ragin is Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University. Recent publications include The Comparative Method: Moving Beyond Qualitative and Quantitative Strategies, and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (with Kriss Drass).
Charles C. Ragin, Introduction: The Problem of Balancing Discourse on Cases and Variables in Comparative Social Science Dietrich Rueschemeyer, Different Methods - Contradictory Results? Research on Development and Democracy David A. Smith, Method and Theory in Comparative Urban Studies Thomas Janoski, Synthetic Strategies in Comparative Sociological Research: Methods and Problems of Internal and External Analysis Timothy P. Wickham-Crowley, A Qualitative Comparative Approach to Latin American Revolutions Larry J. Griffin, Christopher Botsko, Ana-Maria Wahl, Larry W. Isaac, Theoretical Generality, Case Particularity: Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Trade Union Growth and Decline John Bynner, Walter Heinz, Matching Samples and Analysing Their Differences in a Cross-National Study of Labour Market Entry in England and West Germany York Bradshaw, Michael Wallace, Informing Generality and Explaining Uniqueness: The Place of Case Studies in Comparative Research Edwin Amenta, Making the Most of the Case Study: Theories of the Welfare State and the American Experience Karen Barkey, The Use of Court Records in the Reconstruction of Village Networks: A Comparative Perspective
sociologists, social anthropologists, and those working on comparative sociology.