Jean Baudrillard and Radical Education Theory

Turning Right to Go Left


In Jean Baudrillard and Radical Education Theory: Turning Right to Go Left, the authors argue that Baudrillard has been underappreciated in philosophical and theoretical work in education. They introduce him here as an important figure in radical thought who has something to add to theoretical lines of inquiry in education.

The book does not offer an introduction to Baudrillard. Rather, his corpus is mined in order to describe how it functions as a counter to the code of education, rational thought, critical reason, etc. In effect, they establish that Baudrillard advocates for a counter-path to thinking that can shake us out of our ready-made thoughts and realize the radical potential for change.

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Kip Kline, Ph.D. (2007), Indiana University, is Interim Dean of the College of Education and Social Sciences at Lewis University. He has published several articles and book chapters on the intersection of children/youth and philosophy. He is the author of Baudrillard, Youth, and American Film: Fatal Theory and Education (Lexington, 2016).

Kristopher Holland, Ph.D. (2011), Indiana University, is an Associate Professor in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning and the Director of Strange Tools Research Lab at the University of Cincinnati. He has published several articles and book chapters on the intersections of philosophy, art, and education.
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Introduction: The Seduction of Baudrillard

 1 Baudrillard’s Teaching: How I Learned to Avoid the Trap of the Dialectic
 2 9/11 Did Not Take Place: Or How I Learned to Love Baudrillard

1 Relevance for Educational Thinking
 1 What Does Baudrillard Say about Thinking? Paradox in Baudrillard as Productive Spaces for Learning
 2 Imagining ‘Learning’ from Baudrillard
 3 The Ecstasy of Education
 4 Toward an Education for Counter-Intuition

2 The End of Traditional Critique in Education
 1 The State of Critique in Education
 2 The Space for Thinking about Baudrillard
 3 Baudrillard and Form
 4 The Orders of Simulacra
 5 The Fourth Order and Radical Thought
 6 Radical Thought in Practice: Baudrillard’s Theory-Fiction
 7 Conclusion

3 From Representation to Simulation
 1 Introduction: The Reality We Have ‘Now’ …
 2 From Representation to a Hyperspace without Atmosphere
 3 The Entangled Orders of Simulacra: Disneyland, Disneyworld, Disneyverse*
 4 The Precession of Simulation: The Decay/Delay/Displacement of Reality
 5 The Case of Salvator Mundi and atomic printed Mona Lisa
 6 The Dark Art of Deepfakes
 7 Algorithmic Life and Fractal Futures

4 Fatal Theory and Education
 1 Ars Moriendi for Education
 2 Amor Fati: Embracing Fatal Theory in Education
 3 Fatal Theory or Fatal Strategy: The Baudrillard Experience
 4 Fatal Strategies for Education: Learning the Art of Dying, Loving Fate, and Making Friends with Chaos

Anyone interested in radical or postmodern ideas in education, and anyone interested in the ways in which Jean Baudrillard’s ideas connect with educational theory.
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