Manichaeism and Early Christianity

Selected Papers from the 2019 Pretoria Congress and Consultation


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Manichaeism and Early Christianity comprises the selected papers from the 2019 Pretoria Congress and Consultation. The sixteen chapters focus on where and how Gnostic Manichaeism interfered not only with other forms of Gnosticism, but above all with the writings and representatives of mainstream Christianity during the early centuries of our era. Key texts dealt with are a number of Nag Hammadi writings (including the Gospel of Thomas) as well as figures such as Marcion, Tatian, Ephrem the Syrian, Chrysostom, Pelagius and—not least—Augustine and his pupil Evodius.

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Johannes van Oort, em. professor Utrecht University and Radboud University Nijmegen, is a research professor at the University of Pretoria. He published over 25 books and numerous articles, mainly on Augustine and Manichaeism, including Augustine and Manichaean Christianity (Brill, 2013) and Mani and Augustine. Collected Essays on Mani, Manichaeism and Augustine (Brill, 2020).
Notes on Contributors

1 The Religious Innovator Tatian: A Precursor of Mani in Syrian Christianity?
Josef Lössl

2 Antithèses en mutation, de Marcion à Mani
Michel Tardieu

3 The Diatessaronic Sequence of Mani’s Sermon on the Life of Christ in the Berlin Kephalaia
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi

4 The Strange Case of ‘Quire A’ in the Dublin Kephalaia Codex: Further Thoughts on Mani’s Book of Mysteries, M28I and the First Apocalypse of James
Iain Gardner

5 Mani’s Book of Mysteries: A Treatise De anima
Dylan M. Burns

6 A Manichaean Reading of the Gospel of Thomas
René Falkenberg

7 “For only our lord the Paraclete is competent to praise you as you deserve” (P.Kell.Gr. 63): Identifying a Roman-Egyptian Patron of the Manichaeans in Kellis
Mattias Brand

8 Les Acta Archelai et ses principaux personnages : Notes historiques et lexicales
Madeleine Scopello

9 Snakes in the Garden and Tares in the Wheat Field: Ephrem of Nisibis’ Polemic of Lineage against the Manichaeans
Robert Morehouse

10 Manichaeism in John Chrysostom’s Heresiology
Chris L. de Wet

11 Augustine’s De pulchro et apto and its Manichaean Context
Johannes van Oort

12 Thing and Argument: On the Function of the Scenario in Augustine’s De beata vita
Therese Fuhrer

13 Augustine, Faustus, and the Jews
Jason David BeDuhn

14 Pelagius against the Manichaeans: Real Opponents or Clichéd Heresiology?
Nils Arne Pedersen

15 Evodius of Uzalis and the Development of Manichaeism in Roman North Africa
Aäron Vanspauwen

16 The ‘Children’ of the Manichaeans: Wandering Extreme Ascetics in the Roman East Compared
Rea Matsangou

17 The Afterlife of Manichaeism in Neoplatonic Education
Byard Bennett

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