Transatlantic Charismatic Renewal, c.1950-2000


In Transatlantic Charismatic Renewal, c.1950-2000, Andrew Atherstone, Mark Hutchinson and John Maiden bring together leading researchers to examine one of the globally most important religious movements of the twentieth century. Variously referred to as the charismatic ‘renewal’ or ‘revival’, it was a key Christian response to globalization, modernity and secularization. Unlike other accounts (which focus either on denominational pentecostalism or charismatic phenomena outside the West), this volume describes transatlantic Christianity drawing deeply on its pneumatic roots to bring about renewal. New research in archives and overlooked journals illuminate key figures from David du Plessis to John Wimber, providing insights which challenge the standard interpretations of the charismatic movement’s origins and influence.

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Andrew Atherstone, DPhil, is Latimer Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford. His books include Evangelicalism and the Church of England in the Twentieth Century (2014) and Making Evangelical History (2019).
John Maiden, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at the Open University. He writes and teaches in Modern Religious history, and co-convenes the Modern Religious History seminar at the Institute of Historical Research. His monograph Age of the Spirit: a global history of charismatic renewal, 1945-1980 is to be published in 2021.
Mark P. Hutchinson, PhD, is Professor of History and Dean of BASE, Alphacrucis College, Sydney. He has published widely, including A history of the University of Western Sydney (2013) and (with John Wolffe) A Short History of Global Evangelicalism (2012).
Notes on Contributors

Introduction The Evidence of Things Unseen: The Transatlantic Charismatic Movement in the Postwar Period
  Mark P. Hutchinson, Andrew Atherstone, and John Maiden

1 Missionary of the Holy Spirit: David du Plessis and the Historic Denominations
  Joshua R. Ziefle

2 Robert Walker’s Christian Life Magazine: A Missing Link between Mainstream American Evangelicalism and Charismatic Renewal
  Amber Thomas Reynolds

3 Mediating Renewal: Logos International Fellowship and Charismatic Renewal in the United States and beyond
  John Maiden

4 Charismatic Renewal in France: Origins and Trajectories
  David Bundy

5 ‘On the Edge of Spiritual Revival’? Charismatic Renewal in Wales
  David Ceri Jones

6 Charismatic Renewal in Cambridge from the 1960s to the 1980s
  Ian Randall

7 The Origins of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the United States: The Experience at the University of Notre Dame and South Bend (Indiana), 1967–1975
  Valentina Ciciliot

8 Rendering History Obedient: The Catholic Charismatic Movement and Historical Imagination
  Mark P. Hutchinson

9 Encounters with the Spirit among the Quiet in the Land: A Case Study of American Mennonites and Charismatic Renewal
  Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas

10 John Wimber’s European Impact
  Andrew Atherstone

Epilogue Charismatics, Pentecostals, and Contemporary Culture
  David Bebbington


All interested in transnational pentecostalism and charismatic renewal, in religious responses to secularization, modernity, and globalization.
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