The Essence of Linguistic Analysis

An Integrated Approach


Many works on linguistic typology deal in some detail with one or more particular grammatical topics without clearly demonstrating how these relate to other categories or construction types. The Essence of Linguistic Analysis by R. M. W. Dixon presents a framework which connects individual topics in a cogent and coherent way, showing their dependencies and locating each in its place within the overall tapestry of a language.
A clear distinction is made between semantic roles and syntactic functions. And it is held that the basic constituents of a language are lexical elements. Grammatical items serve to link together lexical units. At every level of analysis, the central units are lexical with grammar providing ancillary indicators.

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R. M. W. Dixon is Adjunct Professor at James Cook Universty. He has published grammars of English and of languages from Australia, Fiji and Amazonia, plus the three-volume Basic Linguistic Theory and other works on linguistic typology.
"To sum up, as a condensational up-to-date volume, Essence is indeed a mandatory reading for scholars in the field of linguistic typology since it manages to unveil the nature of human language within the wider theoretical framework." ~ Yifan Liu and Sihong Zhang, Hefei University of Technology in Folia Linguistica, (2023, aop)
Preface VII
Acknowledgements IX
Abbreviations X
 1 Preliminaries
 2 The Basic Scheme
 3 Semantic Types and Semantic Roles
 4 Peripheral Arguments
 5 Clauses within Phrases and Clauses within Clauses
 6 Free and Bound Pronouns
 7 Head of a Verb Phrase
 8 Copula Clauses and Verbless Clauses
 9 Types of Intransitive Subject, S
 10 The Sentence and Above
 Commentary and Notes
 Preliminary Note
 Notes to Sections
 Books by R. M. W. Dixon
Advanced undergraduate and graduate students plus faculty in Linguistics and Anthropological Linguistics.
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