Studies in the Medieval Hebrew Tradition of the Ḥarīrīan and Ḥarizian Maqama. Maḥberot Eitan ha-Ezraḥi

Cambridge Genizah Studies Series, Volume 14


This work contains a Hebrew and an English section. The former is an edition of the Maḥberot Eitan ha-Ezraḥi, a maqama collection composed after the pattern of al-Ḥarizi’s Taḥkemoni. The edition opens with an introduction, translated at the beginning of the English section. The rest of the English section is devoted to an analysis of that branch of the Hebrew maqama tradition that is rooted in the Maqāmāt of al-Ḥarīrī, starting from a review of the evidence for the presence of the Maqāmāt in the world of Hebrew letters, through the Taḥkemoni, and concluding with the Maḥbarot of Immanuel ha-Romi.

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Michael Rand, Ph.D. (2003), NYU, is Reader in Hebrew and Aramaic at the University of Cambridge. He has published several works on the Hebrew Golden Age tradition, including a study of al-Ḥarizi’s Taḥkemoni, and others on Late Antique piyyuṭ.

English Section


1 Introduction: Plan of the Book

2 The Maḥberot Eitan ha-Ezraḥi: Introduction to the Critical Edition

3 The Ḥarīrīan/Ḥarizian Maqama in Medieval Hebrew Literature

4 The Encounters of the Narrator and Hero in the Ḥarīrīan/Ḥarizian Maqama

5 Structure in the Maḥbarot of Immanuel ha-Romi

Appendix: Addenda et Corrigenda to Rand, Evolution
Index of Passages
Index of Literary Works
Index of Manuscripts

‮חלק עברי / Hebrew Section‬‎

‮מחברות איתן האזרחי: מבוא למהדורה המדעית‬‎


This book would be of interest to academic libraries, as well as to academic researchers specializing in Medieval Hebrew poetry.
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