Prosecution of Core Crimes in Ethiopia

Domestic Practice vis-à-vis International Standards


Tadesse Simie Metekia’s Prosecution of Core Crimes in Ethiopia offers an in-depth analysis of core crimes trials in Ethiopia within the broader frame of international criminal law. This book is a result of an unprecedented data collection, a meticulous exploration of relevant national and international norms and case laws, as well as a full engagement with the existing literature on the domestic application of international criminal law.
A comparative examination of the actual trials and the manner in which Ethiopia set prosecutions of core crimes in motion, Metekia’s book is a significant achievement in terms of furthering academic knowledge and of contributing to the wider policy debates on international criminal justice and on the role of states in prosecuting atrocities.

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Tadesse Simie Metekia, PhD(2020), University of Groningen, is assistant professor of law at Jimma University, Ethiopia. His recent publications include ‘Violence against and Using the Dead: Ethiopia’s Dergue Cases’ (2018) 4(1) Human Remains and Violence: An Interdisciplinary Journal (76-92).
All interested in international crimes and justice, genocide studies, enforcement of IHL in national courts, on various aspects of national prosecution of core crimes and the notions and practical applications of transitional justice.