De l’office à la dignité

L’écolâtre cathédral en France septentrionale du ixe au xiiie siècle


This book traces the history of one of the central actors in the transformation of the Western educational system between the 9th and 13th centuries: the cathedral schoolmaster. Originally responsible for running the episcopal school, this ecclesiastical official eventually became a true school administrator with a territorial monopoly and coercive powers, including in particular issuing ‘licentia docendi’ to masters under his jurisdiction. Using a wide range of sources and taking in thirty-nine dioceses in northern France, the study analyses the construction of the office from the Carolingian period, the place of the schoolmaster within the canonical community and in feudal society, and the institutionalisation of his function with the Gregorian Reform and the birth of universities.

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Thierry Kouamé, Ph.D. in History (2002), is Associate Professor of Medieval History at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. He has published several books and articles on medieval schools and universities, including Lumières de la sagesse: Écoles médiévales d’Orient et d’Occident (2013).
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1 La naissance de l’écolâtre
 1 Les conditions d’émergence de la fonction
 2 L’affirmation de l’office dans l’espace ecclésial
 3 La constitution du bénéfice ecclésiastique
 4 Conclusion du chapitre

2 L’écolâtre dans le chapitre
 1 L’appartenance au chapitre
 2 Le rang au sein du chapitre
 3 Les missions confiées à l’écolâtre
 4 Conclusion du chapitre

3 Les prérogatives de l’écolâtre
 1 La fonction enseignante
 2 L’administration des écoles
 3 La nature du jus scolarum
 4 Conclusion du chapitre

4 L’écolâtre à l’épreuve de la réforme
 1 Le discours réformateur sur l’école
 2 La mise en œuvre de la réforme
 3 Conclusion du chapitre

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All those interested in medieval schools, Church history and the history of Western education, and any library specialized in humanities and culture history.
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