Immigration, Ideology, and Public Activity from an American Jewish Perspective

A Journey across Three Continents


Zohar Segev’s book Immigration, Ideology, and Public Activity from an American Jewish Perspective examines the lives and careers of four distinguished figures involved in the Zionist movement in the USA and early years of Israel's statehood. Aryeh Tartakower, Aryey Kubovy, Benjamin Akzin, and Jacob Robinson emigrated from Europe to the USA during the 1930s and 1940s; they later immigrated to Israel. Following their paths reveals the multifaceted nature of modern Jewish history in the mid-twentieth century, providing a perspective on the reciprocal relations between the American Diaspora and the state of Israel. Key historic events such as Adolf Eichmann’s trial and the debate over the bombing of Auschwitz are given intriguing new perspectives from the papers of these central leaders in the Jewish and Zionist endeavor.

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Zohar Segev, Ph.D. (1999), is professor of Jewish History at the University of Haifa. He has published books and many articles on American Jewish History including The World Jewish Congress during the Holocaust: Between Activism and Restraint (De Gruyter, 2014).
 1 A Journey across Three Continents

1 American Zionism
 1 Zionism without Zion: Zionism from an American Jewish Perspective
 2 The World Jewish Congress
 3 The Zionist Diaspora in the United States – a View from Palestine and Israel

2 Aryeh Tartakower
 1 The International Committee of the Red Cross
 2 The Jewish Diaspora after World War II
 3 The Jewish Diaspora and the State of Israel: Tartakower and Jewish Nationalism

3 Aryeh Kubovy
 1 Support, Opposition, Reservation: The Bombing of Auschwitz as Brought to Light by Kubovy’s Papers
 2 Rescue Activist and Refugee: Kubovy in the United States

4 Benjamin Akzin
 1 Akzin in the American Zionist Emergency Council
 2 Myth and Fact, Denial and Concealment, the Jewish Voice in Akzin’s Papers
 3 American Citizens as a Political Agent in the Exodus Affair
 4 Akzin and American Jewry

5 Jacob Robinson
 1 Robinson and the Institute of Jewish Affairs
 2 Holocaust Documentation and Historiography
 3 The Eichmann Trial
Discussion and Conclusions
The book speaks to scholars and students who engage in Jewish history, American history, Israel studies, and Holocaust studies.
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