The Gujarati Ritual Directions of the Paragnā, Yasna and Visperad Ceremonies

Transcription, Translation and Glossary of Anklesaria 1888


This edition gives a transcription of Anklesaria’s text, an English translation, a Gujarati-English glossary, an introduction to Gujarati-language works on ritual directions and a study on the relationship between Anklesaria’s text and the liturgical manuscripts in Yasna 3–8. Unlocking the meaning and performative aspects in this first-ever edition in any European language, of these core Zoroastrian rituals in India, Céline Redard and Kerman Dadi Daruwalla open up the Indian tradition for future research and highlight its importance.

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Céline Redard, Ph.D. (2010), is a Postdoctoral Researcher at SOAS, University of London. Her main publications include La liquidation du sacrifice (Y62-72) (with Jean Kellens, 2013), Introduction à l’avestique récent (with Alberto Cantera, 2019), and as well as several edited volumes and articles.
Kerman Dadi Daruwalla, is a Ph.D. candidate at SOAS, University of London. His thesis is on the training of Zoroastrian priests for ritual performance.
Scholars with an interest in Zoroastrianism, ritual studies of other traditions, in the history of religions, and in anthropology.
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