The Philosophy of Brentano

Contributions from the Second International Conference Graz 1977 & 2017. In memory of Rudolf Haller


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This volume, originating from the centennial Second International Conference Graz 1977–2017 on Franz Brentano’s philosophy, collects eighteen essays written by nineteen distinguished specialists covering the main areas of Brentano’s philosophy: his epistemology, ontology, ethics, and logic, and his contributions to psychology and philosophy of mind. Its goal is to explore the significance and impact of Brentano’s thought, to promote a deepening of the ongoing renaissance of interest in Brentano, and to advance the project of understanding Brentano’s actual philosophical positions and correcting entrenched misunderstandings.

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Mauro Antonelli is Professor of History of Science at the University of Milano-Bicocca and Privatdozent of Philosophy at the University of Graz. He has published monographs, critical editions, articles, and essays on nineteenth- and twentieth-century German and Austrian philosophy and psychology, Brentano and the Brentano School, phenomenology and phenomenological psychology, and the philosophy and psychology of time.

Thomas Binder is the head of the Franz Brentano Archive at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Graz. He has recently published a monograph on Franz Brentano and his philosophical Nachlass, and articles and essays on Brentano and the Brentano School. He is also co-editor of Franz Brentano’s complete published works.
Editors’ Introduction
Mauro Antonelli and Thomas Binder

In Memory of Rudolf Haller (1929–2014)
Mauro Antonelli

Part 1 Brentano’s Philosophical Program

Was Brentano a Systematic Philosopher?
Wolfgang Huemer

Remarks on the Architecture of Brentano’s Philosophical Program
Denis Fisette

Brentano on Kant’s Transcendental Idealism
Susan Krantz Gabriel

Part 2 Ontology

Beobachtungen zur Deduktion der Kategorien in Brentanos Dissertation
Werner Sauer

Medieval and Austro-German Realisms: Universals and States of Affairs
Laurent Cesalli

Part 3 Psychology

Psychology First!
Denis Seron

‘Disentangling Judgement from Its Linguistic Clothing’: Brentano’s View of Judgement and Its Linguistic Guises
Johannes L. Brandl and Mark Textor

Franz Brentano and Anton Marty: Two Versions of Descriptive Psychology?
Ion Tănăsescu

Brentano on the Characteristics of Sensation
Hamid Taieb

Der Einfluss Franz Brentanos auf Sigmund Freud: Der Versuch eines umfassenden ideengeschichtlichen Arguments
Bernhard M. Geißler

Part 4 Philosophy of Mind

Selbst-Repräsentation und Phänomenale Intentionalität bei Brentano: Eine kritische Stellungnahme
Mauro Antonelli

Was versteht Brentano in der Intentionalitätspassage unter einem Objekt eines psychischen Phänomens?
Christiane Schreiber

Brentano und Meinong: Versuch einer dokumentarischen Gegenüberstellung
Johann C. Marek

Part 5 Logic, Ethics, Religion, and Politics

Brentano as a Logicist
Carlo Ierna

Brentano and von Ehrenfels on Emotion, Desire, and Absolute Value: An Extreme Contrast in Austrian Phenomenology
Robin D. Rollinger

Die Transformation des Glaubens beim frühen Brentano
Klaus Hedwig

Zum psychologischen Gottesbeweis bei Franz Brentano
Adrian Maître

Eine politische Wissenschaft gibt es noch nicht: Einige Bemerkungen zu Franz Brentanos Verhältnis zur Politik
Thomas Binder

Index of names
All interested in Franz Brentano and his school, Austrian philosophy, and their relationship to the phenomenological and analytical philosophical traditions.
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