Exploring Textbooks and Cultural Change in Nordic Education 1536–2020

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This volume addresses a gap in previous research and explores Nordic textbooks chronologically and empirically from the Protestant Reformation to our present time. The chapters are written by scholars from universities in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, countries that distinguish themselves with a rich tradition of textbook research. The authors represent different academic traditions and use a wide range of scholarly methods and perspectives. The overall objective is to highlight how textbooks reflect national cultural politics and legislation. The various chapters cast light on how textbooks are integrated in national politics and demonstrate how they have contributed to nation-building and to strengthening the nations’ core values and other major political projects.

Contributors are: Karl Christian Alvestad, Norunn Askeland, Kjell Lars Berge, Peter Bernhardsson, Kerstin Bornholdt, Mads B. Claudi, Henrik Edgren, Morten Fink-Jensen, Stig Toke Gissel, Thomas Illum Hansen, Pirjo Hiidenmaa, Marthe Hommerstad, Axel Hörstedt, Kari-Anne Jørgensen-Vittersø, Tujia Laine, Esbjörn Larsson, Ragnhild Elisabeth Lund, Christina Matthiesen, Eva Maagerø, Tuva Skjelbred Nodeland, Kari H. Nordberg, Merethe Roos, Henriette Hogga Siljan, Johan Laurits Tønnesson and Janne Varjo.

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Introduction Introduction
Merethe Roos, Ph.D. (2010), University of South-Eastern Norway, is Professor of History at that university. She has published monographs, anthologies and a number of articles on 18th and 19th century, including Enlightened Preaching. Balthasar Münter's authorship 1772–1793 (Brill, 2013).
Kjell Lars Berge, Dr.Art. (1995), University of Oslo, is Professor of Textual Studies at the Department of Linguistic and Scandinavian Studies. He has published monographs, and many articles in fields as text linguistics, literacy and writing research, rhetoric, and text historical studies.
Henrik Edgren, Ph.D. (2005), Uppsala University, is Associate Professor in the History education at the Department of Education. Edgren’ s main research area is patriotism and nationalism in 19th century Nordic textbooks.
Pirjo Hiidenmaa, Ph.D. (1959), University of Helsinki, is Professor of Non-Fiction Literature. She has published articles and books on Finnish language, especially text and discourse analysis and literacy education.
Christina Matthiesen, Ph.D. (2013), University of Copenhagen, is an Associate Professor of Rhetoric. She has published work on education and rhetoric in Scandinavia and internationally, and contributed to journals such as Advances in the History of Rhetoric.
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Notes on Contributors
Merethe Roos and Kjell Lars Berge

PART 1: The Reformation and Its Aftermath

Introduction to Part 1: The Reformation and Its Aftermath
Henrik Edgren

1 Teaching and Educational Reforms in Denmark and Norway c. 1500–1750
Morten Fink-Jensen
2 Latin, Protestantism and Moral Conduct: Textbooks in Sweden in the Era of Reformation
Axel Hörstedt
3 Literacy, Schooling and the Role of Common People in the Educational Field in Finland in the Eighteenth Century
Tuija Laine

PART 2: The Enlightenment

Introduction to Part 2: The Enlightenment
Henrik Edgren
4 Anticipating Reforms and Changes: Control, Representation and Participation in Textbooks in Denmark-Norway in the Late 18th Century: Balthasar Münter and Johann Andreas Cramer
Merethe Roos
5 Using Textbooks to Constitute a Nation: On Ove Høegh-Guldberg’s Textbook Reforms in 18th Century Denmark-Norway
Kjell Lars Berge
6 Arguing for a Modern Subject: The Debate about Science Teaching in Swedish Grammar Schools in the Early 19th Century
Peter Bernhardsson

PART 3: The Growth of Nationalism and the Formation of Democracy

Introduction to Part 3: The Growth of Nationalism and the Formation of Democracy
Henrik Edgren
7 Writing in the Sand: The Impact of the Monitorial System on the Spread of Literacy in Sweden Prior to the School Act of 1842
Esbjörn Larsson
8 Politics, Catechisms and Democracy: Political Strife, Popular Power and Enlightenment in Norway 1814–1840
Marthe Hommerstad
9 Patriotism and Civic Identity in Swedish and Finnish School Readersafter 1860
Henrik Edgren
10 Here Be Vikings: Ethno-National Narratives in Late Nineteenth Century Norwegian Textbooks
Karl Christian Alvestad
11 Patriotism, Discipline and Joy in Early Nordic School Songbooks
Ragnhild Elisabeth Lund and Johan Laurits Tønnesson
12 Nation, Nature and Industry: Civic Ideals and National Consciousness in Nordahl Rolfsen’s Lesebok for folkeskolen
Tuva Skjelbred Nodeland

PART 4: The Formation of the Welfare State

Introduction to Part 4: The Formation of the Welfare State
Henrik Edgren
13 Democratising Aristocracy: Rhetorics and Politics in Norwegian Literary Histories through the 20th Century
Mads B. Claudi
14 Controlling Masses, Unfolding Individual Potentials, and Enabling Cooperative Participation: Physical Education in Germany and the Nordic Countries
Kerstin Bornholdt
15 From Fresh Air and Sunbathing to Wildlife and Snow Caves: ‘Friluftsliv’ in Norwegian Primary Schools, 1939–1980
Kari Anne Jørgensen-Vittersø
16 Sex Education in the 1950s: Reproduction, Family and the State
Kari Hernæs Nordberg
17 The Rise of the Finnish Comprehensive School in the 1960 and 1970s: The Same School for All
Janne Varjo

PART 5: Globalisation and Digitalisation

Introduction to Part 5: Globalisation and Digitalisation
Henrik Edgren
18 Learning Materials between Didactic Potential and Control: The Danish Teacher as Inscribed in and Mediator of the Learning Material
Stig Toke Gissel and Thomas Illum Hansen
19 Textbooks: Paving the Way from Church Schools to PISA Success in Finland
Pirjo Hiidenmaa
20 Gold to Salto: Critical Literacy in a BELMA-Awarded Textbook in Norwegian Language Arts
Henriette Siljan and Eva Maagerø
21 The Question of Dialogue in Danish: Representations of Argumentation in Curricula and Textbooks from the Perspectives of Isocrates, Grundtvig and Kierkegaard
Christina Matthiesen
22 Representations of the Alta-Kautokeino Conflict in Nordic Textbooks
Norunn Askeland

All interested in the history of Nordic Education, Norden, the Nordic model, Nordic Textbooks, Nordic Welfare State, and Nordic history
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